Reflections on Being Married to a Chef or Dating a Chef on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here.  The day we’ve all be waiting for.  The day we celebrate our love for each other . . . oh wait . . . the person we love is a chef and is working tomorrow night (and tonight and all the days around Valentine’s Day).

So what does Valentine’s Day mean to many chef wives and significant others?

A night alone.

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.  It stinks.  I know. (more…)

What is it like to Cook for a Chef?

“What is it like to cook for a chef?” Depending on who you ask, you’ll get very different answers.

If you ask one my friends, they will tell you they are very nervous to cook for my chef/husband.

If you ask the parent or sibling of a chef, I don’t think they would think much of it since they’ve always done it  Although they might ask a question or two if the chef is around when they are cooking.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

If you ask an aspiring line cook what it’s like to cook for an Executive Chef in an interview, they’ll probably tell you they were very nervous because they wanted to do well and get the job.

But what about the wife or girlfriend or a chef? (Or husband/boyfriend . . . you know I never want to leave you out, it’s just awkward to always say all types of people in one sentence.)

I do the majority of cooking at home since I’m married to a chef.  Most of the time it’s because he’s not home.  But what about the times he is home?  What is it like to cook for him? (more…)

Should I Date a Chef?

Should I date a chef?

I guess it depends on who you ask and who is asking.

This seems to be a question that is “googled” a lot, probably because with the hours a chef works, it’s tough to get to know each other and to find time to spend together when your are working opposite schedules.

Let’s look at two chef wives “tweeting” about it the other day . . .

Initial tweet (just sharing a blog post written by another chef’s girlfriend) – @EmulsifiedFam – So you want to date a chef . . . post from a chef/girlfriend. 🙂 #datingachef 

@MyKitchenNY – don’t do it… Hahahaha jk

@EmulsifiedFam – but think of all the fun someone could be missing . . . (more…)

Tips for Talking to a Chef’s Wife

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Chefwives, you know the conversation.  You’ve just met someone and you’re making small talk about your family, the number of kids you have, where you work, where you live etc.

You know the question is coming.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

“What does your husband do for a living?”

“My husband is a chef,” you say timidly, knowing one of the statements or questions that will most likely be coming next.

  • You are so lucky!!  I would love to be married to a chef!
  • You must eat so well at home.
  • Holidays must be AMAZING at your house.
  • What’s your husband’s favorite food to make?
  • He should be on Top Chef!
  • How is it that you don’t weigh a ton?
  • What’s your favorite food that that he cooks for you?
  • What restaurant does he work at?  (Insert restaurant name here.)  Oh I love that place!

 Then when people know you a little better, the comments tend to change. (more…)

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