Should I Date a Chef?


Should I date a chef?

I guess it depends on who you ask and who is asking.

This seems to be a question that is “googled” a lot, probably because with the hours a chef works, it’s tough to get to know each other and to find time to spend together when your are working opposite schedules.

Let’s look at two chef wives “tweeting” about it the other day . . .

Initial tweet (just sharing a blog post written by another chef’s girlfriend) – @EmulsifiedFam – So you want to date a chef . . . post from a chef/girlfriend. 🙂 #datingachef 

@MyKitchenNY – don’t do it… Hahahaha jk

@EmulsifiedFam – but think of all the fun someone could be missing . . .

@MyKitchenNY –  you are right. Who are we to hoard ALL that fun. Who knows, they can even end up being a #chefwife O.o

@EmulsifiedFam – Lol – one can only dream!! Can’t stop laughing . . .

@MyKitchenNY – yes yes. I’m here all night.. hahaha *takes bow

should I date a chef

Just in case you aren’t sure, we are joking.  Really, we are.  But sometimes you just have to laugh about being married to a chef because it’s a bit crazy!!

I love being married to a chef.  I really do.  It’s just not always easy!

All joking aside, I get emails all the time with questions about dating a chef.  My post “You’re Dating a Chef, Please Read This,” gets the most traffic of any other post on my blog (with the exception of the day our 5 year old wrote Modernist Cuisine on her Kindergarten Homework and 1,800 people visited that post in one day.)

I love getting emails and I’m happy to share my experiences with anyone, but I’m only one person.

I would love to know your thoughts on this question. (Should I date a chef?)  Do you have any advice you would give to someone if they were struggling to find time to get to know their new chef/boyfriend or wondering if they should take the next step and marry their chef/boyfriend?

From one chef wife to another,




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