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Looking back on the 25 years I’ve been married to a chef, there are so many things I wish I knew about his career and the different positions he would have in the kitchen.

I’ve always tried my best to support him, but sometimes it’s hard to do that when you’ve never worked in a restaurant and this “restaurant life” seems so foreign to you.

Below are a few FREE RESOURCES for you, just in case you have ever felt that same way.

supporting your chef

Click on the picture to download the PDF.

This ebook is all about the things I’ve learned while trying to support my chef/husband from home.  I’ve made so many mistakes over the years and have learned so much from them.  I hope that my mistakes and ideas will be helpful to you in some way!

Warning/disclaimer (or whatever you want to call it): This book is very one-sided.  While it’s written for a spouse or significant other of a chef, it’s not about how your chef’s career choice is making your life difficult.  I know being married to or dating a chef is hard!!  I’m living it.  If you are struggling with the ups and downs of a relationship with a chef, read my blog.  This book is all about your chef’s career and how you can support them along the way.

How to survive dating a chef

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you survive dating a chef. I know it’s not easy! Don’t give up!  Click on the picture to download the book.

From one chef’s wife to another,


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  1. Carol

    We don’t use Outlook, can it be posted on any other sites?
    Sounds amazing,

    Love you Tom and your beautiful girls.

    • Jennifer

      You don’t need outlook. The book is a PDF. When you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you get a link to download the book. 🙂

  2. Ashlee Bertrand

    I’ve been married to my chef for almost a year now. We also have a four month old son. I’ve really enjoyed what I read in your book so far- especially the part about chefs using nice towels at home to clean up something gross….

    I never really considered too much that other women were going through what I am right now. My husband just opened up a restaurant and he hasn’t had a day off in a month. I stay at home with our baby so it’s been a roller coaster of emotions for me.

    I really like your positive attitude!


    • Jennifer

      Hi Ashlee! Restaurant openings are SO HARD, even harder than December!! Being home all day long with no adult to talk to and only a sweet baby to spend time with isn’t easy. We only had 1 car for a while when our girls were really little and I felt trapped!! Then my poor husband would come home so exhausted from working for 16 hours and all I wanted to do was TALK! You are definitely not alone!! Hang in there!!


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