Support Group for Chef Wives and Significant Others – Days of our Emulsified Family

Days of Emulsified Family . . . sounds like the name of a soap opera . . . Do you ever feel like you are living in one?

Wikipedia defines a soap opera as, “A serial drama and suspense on television or radio which features related story lines about the lives of multiple characters. The stories typically focus on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama.”

chef wife support group

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Why yes I do feel like I am living in a soap opera sometimes.  Thanks for asking.  Life just keeps going.  My emotions are often like a roller coaster, going up and down, often having something to do with my husband’s career as a chef and how it’s impacting our family.

So “Days of our Emulsified Family,” is a perfect name for a support group for all of us chef wives and significant others.

(I can’t take credit for the name though.  I hated the name “support group” and asked others in the group for suggestions.  Claudia came up with this one and I thought it was perfect!!)

But why create a support group for chef wives and significant others if you already have a Facebook page, email and a comments section on your blog?

Good question.  I’m glad you asked.

The main reason is because of the quantity of emails I receive from chef wives and girlfriends every week.  For every comment you see on the blog, there are more emails in my In Box.  I love it!  I love that women are comfortable enough sharing their stories with me and asking for suggestions of if I have ever felt a certain way in a situation.

However, I am only one person.  I haven’t lived through it all and can’t relate to it all.  That’s what this group is for.  Sometimes things are just too personal to post on a public Facebook page or in a blog comment.  Sometimes you just want to ask a question to a group of women who can totally relate to your life, even though you’ve never met.  That’s what the group is for.

Now I’m not the first one to create a group like this.  There are other closed or secret Facebook groups out there.  I am part of a few of them and enjoy them for different reasons.  I went back and forth on whether or not to start a group because of this.  But after Christmas and my inbox being flooded with emails, I decided it was time.  Plus, it also gives me a place to ask questions as well.  Just because I write about being married to a chef doesn’t mean I have it all figured out.  Far from it!!

If this seems like something you’d be interested in joining, please fill out the form below to get the link to the group.

The Facebook group is closed, meaning only those in the group can see the posts AND it is only for chef wives and significant others.  Chefs, you will have to get your own group.  Sorry.  🙁

There are no restrictions on what you can ask in the group.  Ask us anything.  Chances are one of us can relate.  My only request is that we keep the language rated “G”.  🙂

I look forward to getting to know you better as we chat about the “Days of our Emulsified Family.”

Cue the cheesy soap opera music . . .

From one chef’s wife to another,



  1. Debbie

    I’d like to join the I’m dating a chef

    • Jennifer

      Just approved your request! 🙂

    • Neisha

      Hi. Ive just requested to join this group. Didnt know it existed until now. Sooo glad I may now get the support i need. Been dating my chef for two years n to top that off…its long distance. Help!

      • Jennifer

        Great! So glad you found me!

        • Neisha Wills

          I am now a part of the facebook family and already i feel at home. Thanks for making/organising this family

  2. Kira

    Hello, I couldn’t find the form attached in this blog post to fill out to join the facebook group (perhaps my internet is out of date). However, I did find the facebook group about 5 minutes ago and put in a request to join.
    Received an email from you saying my question / concern about dating a chef would be better to post in the group.
    Thank you for responding to my request so quickly. Look forward to being part of the group.

    • Jennifer

      That link was to the group for you to request to join. 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Jennifer Dietz

    I’ve been married to a chef for six years and am just finding out about this group. Very excited!

    • Jennifer

      Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. Esmeralda

    Glad I found you. Looking forward to be part of a group of chef wives for a long time. This subject is not understood by everyone. Just requested to join.
    Thank you

  5. Elyse

    I have been married to a chef for 24 years

    • Jennifer

      Yay! Congratulations!

  6. Chantelle

    Hi! I’m an expat chef wife living abroad in The Bahamas. We moved down for a brand new resort, that didn’t end up opening. After two years of a rollercoaster lifestyle(I stayed to pack house in NJ and lived in the Bahamas to continue my teaching career, while he worked at the private restaurant slated to open at the resort for a year back in another state), we have decided to move back to the states. But of course, it’s will continue to be a rollercoaster as he is leaving to train back in sates, while I finish teaching year and pack up the house with our 6 year old daughter. Sigh. It’s been so rough. I’ve held it together, but beginning to slowly fall apart. Realized I may need a chef wife/life community as I am more part of an expat community right now, and it’s more of a banking or construction expat community.

  7. Alex

    Hi I have been dating a chef for 8 years and we have recently got engaged. Would love to join the group! Glad to see I am not alone.

  8. Nicola Stockton

    Hi, I have clicked to join your Facebook group, but can’t see the form to fill in on the website? It would be great to join a group of similar spouses married to chefs. Been with mine 15 years now (Married for 9 months) and it’s hard to try and explain to other friends / family members just how socially difficult a profession it is to married into… it really does define your life.

    Anyway, I hope you click OK on my Facebook request


    • Jennifer

      AHHH!! The form disappeared! Thank you so much for saying that so I knew. I fixed it and approved you to join the group! Welcome!


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