Am I Ignoring Chef-Husbands and Female Chefs?


Chef-husbands (aka husbands of a chef) and female chefs, I want you to know I think about you every time I write a post.

I write about combining restaurant and family life.  I blog about our family’s journey as we try and accomplish this.

In our family my husband is the chef, so when I write, I refer to a chef as a “he.”  I know there are many female chefs.  Please don’t think I’m ignoring you or thinking you are not important!  It’s just really awkward to read he/she all the time in a blog post.  So I default to “he” for chef because my husband is a “he”.  Please don’t take it personally.  🙂

I also default to chef wife or chef girlfriend since I’m a wife.  I would hate for any of my chef-husband readers to feel left out.  But again, it would be really horrible if I wrote chef wife/chef-husband each time I referred to us in a post.  Lol!!  I’m not leaving you out and hope you feel like you can relate to our crazy life!

We are all in this together, whether the chef in your relationship is the husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s just crazy!

Please don’t think I’m ignoring you. 🙂

From one chef wife to another chef wife, chef girlfriend, chef-husband, chef-boyfriend (Awkward . . . See what I mean??),





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