My Chef/Husband Took My Favorite Knife to Work and Won’t Bring it Home

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The title pretty much sums it up.

My chef/husband took my favorite knife to work and will not bring it back home.

It’s the perfect knife.  It truly is.  I never knew I could come to love and use a knife that much.

But like I said, my chef/husband took it to work and will not bring it home.

Now in all fairness, he does use it a bit more at work than I would at home.

But still, it’s not very nice of him to have this amazing vegetable cleaver at home for a few weeks between jobs, allow me to fall in love with it and use it for practically everything, and then take it to work and not bring it home.

I would take a picture of it to show you just how beautiful it is and put it here . . .





But like I said, the knife is not here.  It’s at the restaurant, probably in his office.

He brought it home a few months ago to use for a cooking demonstration.  I thought about hiding it so I could use it.  But since it also happens to be one of his favorite knives, I decided against it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Just go buy another one.


Problem solved.

I would love to, but they no longer make the knife.  How can Berghoff no longer make a knife that is that amazing?  When I found that out I was devastated!  I went out to our garage and went through the random knives that my husband doesn’t use at work, but there was nothing that could even come close.   (Every chef has random knives at home they don’t need, right?)

So for now, I’ll settle with the chef knife in our home set.  It’s a nice knife.  I’m not complaining . . . at least not too much.

For those of you that work with my husband in the restaurant and read my blog, feel free to encourage him to bring his favorite knife home to share with his wife occasionally.  I would appreciate it.

Am I the only chef wife in love with a knife?  Does anyone else even care about them?  Maybe I’m just crazy . . .

From one chef wife to another,






  1. Rups

    Try looking for it on ebay or even amazon – I’ve found loads of discontinued things (in new condition) I have fallen in love with on ebay. And if you find it, buy two!

  2. Jennifer

    No luck on Amazon, but I never looked on ebay. Thanks for the idea! 🙂


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