When the Chef Takes Over the Home Kitchen

Apparently in every professional kitchen my chef/husband has taken over in his career, he’s always gone in and reorganized, just shortly after he started.  He gets rid of things that are taking up “prime real estate” that are never used, throws away things in the freezer that shouldn’t be there . . . I’m sure many of your chefs have done the same things numerous times.

But what happens when the chef’s new kitchen he’s taking over is the one in your home?

Let’s be honest.  The kitchen at home has always been MINE!  It’s been mine because I do the majority of the cooking, obviously.  Half the time he can’t find anything because the way I organize is not how he would choose to organize, and it just doesn’t make sense to him.  Plus, he doesn’t cook at home very often because, well . . . he’s working!


So You Want to Own a Restaurant . . .

Has your chef ever thought about opening their own restaurant?

As I’m sitting here working on this post, my husband reads the title and immediately says, “No way!”

It’s definitely not for everyone.  But I know many chefs who would like to one day have their own place and many chef girlfriends and wives (or husbands and boyfriends) who wonder what it would really be like.

There are a few chef wives who have written books about opening a restaurant with their chefs.  You can read about Delancey and Wife of the Chef in a few posts I wrote last year after I read the books.

But today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Dhanny.  I met her through this blog and have LOVED getting to know her this past year!  She has such a great perspective on restaurant ownership and I’m thankful she’s willing to share her story with us today!

Dhanny and her chef/husband Joe own My Kitchen Restaurant in New York.  If you live near by or travel there, I’m sure they’d love for you to stop by. 🙂 (more…)

How Much Do You Know About Food as the Wife or Significant Other of a Chef?

How much to you know about food as the spouse or significant other of a chef?

After 19 years of being married to a chef, you would think I would be a culinary genius. 

We have tons of cookbooks and recipes.  I’ve tasted more food than the average person. Our lives seem to revolve around food.  Vacations always have something to do with food and where we are going to eat.  We plan the meal or snacks for our date nights before we plan the rest of the night (if there is anything else we are going to do).

So why is it that I still know so little?


The Taste Buds of a Chef

Don’t you just love that you can ask your chef what ingredients are in a dish and they can tell you just by tasting it?

I love that when I mess up something that I’m cooking, he can taste it and fix it (most of the time. Sometimes there is just no hope and you have to start over.)

What’s even better is when you can describe how something tastes over the phone that is just not quite right, and they can tell you how to fix it without even tasting it.  That’s just crazy!

My chef/husband’s knowledge about food and his ability to taste individual ingredients in food just amaze me.  You would think that after 20 years I would be used to it, but sometimes he still surprises me.

His hyper-sensitive taste buds are definitely one of the perks of being married to or dating a chef! (more…)

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