Tips for Talking to a Chef’s Wife

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Chefwives, you know the conversation.  You’ve just met someone and you’re making small talk about your family, the number of kids you have, where you work, where you live etc.

You know the question is coming.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

“What does your husband do for a living?”

“My husband is a chef,” you say timidly, knowing one of the statements or questions that will most likely be coming next.

  • You are so lucky!!  I would love to be married to a chef!
  • You must eat so well at home.
  • Holidays must be AMAZING at your house.
  • What’s your husband’s favorite food to make?
  • He should be on Top Chef!
  • How is it that you don’t weigh a ton?
  • What’s your favorite food that that he cooks for you?
  • What restaurant does he work at?  (Insert restaurant name here.)  Oh I love that place!

 Then when people know you a little better, the comments tend to change. (more…)

What Are Other Chef Wives Writing About?

If you are like me, you enjoy reading what other chef wives/significant others write about their lives because it makes you feel like you are not alone.

After the kids go to bed and my chef/husband is still at work, it’s really quiet in the house.  Sometimes I really like it and enjoy the time by myself.  Other times I really wish he was home so we could spend more time together.  At that time of night, I’m usually in front of the computer, reading blogs in Bloglovin‘, browsing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, or searching the internet for some random question I had during the day.

When I see a new post about being married to a chef in my Bloglivin’ feed, I get so excited.  I love reading what others are writing, even if I don’t agree with it.  I even love reading those ridiculous articles about how glamorous our lives must be because we are married to a chef.  (After I’m done laughing at those I usually comment on them to try and set the record straight!!) (more…)

24 Years Ago my Chef/Husband Asked Me to be his Girlfriend

24 years ago today my chef/husband asked me to be his girlfriend.  And with the exception of a few short hours one night in college, we’ve been together ever since.

I’m not exactly sure how that is possible, since I’m only 29 (ok, not really), but wow!  That’s a long time!  I feel old.

I’ve known my husband since I was 4 and he was 5.  Our families went to the same church and our parents were friends.  While I don’t really have many memories that include my husband when I was young, my mother-in-law loves to remind me about how I sang and danced in front of their fire place one evening when I was little.  I’m sure that never really happened and she’s probably making it up . . . (Can I tell you how many songs and dances I’ve had the privilege of watching since we’ve had kids?  If my mom were still alive she would be laughing and probably calling it payback for all the “shows” she had the privilege of watching when I was little!) (more…)