Seeing the Chef at Work

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seeing the chef at work

Look! There’s Daddy!

It’s not often we make it into the restaurant where my husband works.  It’s over an hour in the car (and our kids are horrible car riders) and there’s the fear of them being disruptive in a quiet, fine dining restaurant or yelling, “Daddy,” when they see him.

The girls ask to eat there all time time, especially on his days off.  But what chef wants to go eat at his work (and make that long commute again) on his day off?

Today we had the chance to watch him cook as a guest chef at the Christmas in Seattle Goumet Food and Gift Show.  I took the girls out of school early and we headed up to Seattle to watch his demo.

I just love to watch him teach.  I love that when he talks to groups, he just teaches a technique or method of how to do something and then talks about all the ways you can adapt it for the different seasons.

Today he made a Fruit Stuffed Holiday Pork Roast.  No recipe, just a method, which could be done with numerous types of meats and dried fruit.  (This is a perfect example of just dumping ingredients like I talked about here.)

I loved listening to the questions people asked, and I learned something new.  Did you know you can put saran wrap in the oven as long as all surfaces of it are covered with foil?  Who knew?  (Apparently he’s been doing it for years, and just never told me.)

seeing the chef at work

At one point I almost started laughing because guess what he brought out and started talking about?  My favorite knife!!!  Or as he said, “His favorite knife.”  A minute later he pulled out his scimitar knife (which seriously looks like a huge weapon).  You should have heard the gasps from the audience at the sight of it.  It was pretty funny as he made jokes about it while he was cutting the pork.

I wish I was able to be a part of my husband’s restaurant life more.  But with 3 kids and a long drive, it’s not easy.

What about you?  How often do you make it in to the restaurant?  Does your husband ever do off-site events like this one that you are able to be a part of?

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