The Long Commute

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I don’t like driving.

My kids REALLY don’t like driving.

But my chef/husband loves to drive.

Thank goodness . . . because he spends 3+ hours in the car each day just to get to and from work.

Long commutes STINK!!

long commute

The other day it took him over 2 hours to drive just over 30 miles to work.  That’s ridiculous. 

I hate to think about my chef/husband being in the car for that long every day.  What a waste of time!

Part of the commute is a beautiful drive.  But still . . . over two hours just to get to work so that he can work a long day in the kitchen?????  GRRRRRR!

Nothing like adding to the craziness!!

You would think that with the long hours he works he would miss traffic.  But unless he leaves before 6 am or after 10 pm, there is always traffic.

Thank goodness he’s never tired when he drives.  (God please keep him safe!!!!!!!! I recite Philippians 4:6 to myself many nights as he’s driving home.)

So what’s the answer?

Besides selling the house and moving closer (which is not really a possibility right now), we have no idea.

Just venting today . . . Sorry.

From one chef wife to another,




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  1. Leanne Schuetz

    I really feel for you! Dave had a 2 hour one way commute for over a year and it was so hard on our family. There would be days when we did not see him at all. I am praying for you all. Hang in there

    • Jennifer

      2 hours. Ugh! That’s so hard!! Tom’s had a few 2 hour mornings, but at least it’s not every day. Thanks for the prayers! 🙂

  2. Alicia

    I get it. My husband has an hour commute along country roads and with winter coming, I foresee many sleepless nights for me. I can’t sleep until he’s home. Is it bad that sometimes I envy the idea of an hour in the car with coffee and NPR?

    • Jennifer

      Country roads make me more nervous too. As a Mom of 3 young kids, an hour in a quiet car with coffee and NPR sounds great to me. I’m sure it would get old pretty fast though. 🙂 Hang in there and let’s both try not to worry about them!


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