Dumping Ingredients

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Who in the world can just dump ingredients into a pan or bowl and have something turn out perfectly EVERY TIME?


I’m not sure why this surprised me so much this week.  My husband has been a chef for quite some time.  But it did.

Knowing at least one person would ask me for a recipe for something my chef/husband cooked for my birthday party last weekend, I asked my husband ahead of time what recipes he used.

His response.  “None.  I just dumped the ingredients in.”

dumping ingredients

Normally I would just say OK.  He’s a chef.  He cooks a lot so he doesn’t need to use recipes and can eyeball ingredient quantities well.

But usually when I see him bake things, he measure the ingredients.  Apparently he was rushed when making the food for my birthday and just threw the ingredients into the mixer for the cornbread. It was perfect.  Great flavor, perfect texture, rose the perfect amount, etc.

Who can just throw ingredients into a mixer without measuring them and have something turn out perfect?  Oh right . . . A chef.

If I were just to walk in the kitchen and start throwing ingredients into a mixer, I’m sure no one would want to eat whatever I was attempting to make.  Then again, that’s probably why my husband is the chef and I am not.  Dumping ingredients into a mixer must not be one of those things I’ve learned from being married to a chef.

We did however, have enough cornbread to feed everyone at the party (40 people), have leftovers, and freeze a bunch of batter for another time.

Always restaurant quantities even here at home.  Maybe he should measure for that reason.  (Just kidding honey.)

Why was I so surprised by this?  I have no idea.  What does your chef/husband do that surprises you and you think later, “That really should not have surprised me?”

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  1. Dhanny

    I’ve often thought the same..
    There are times my Chef uses recipes and I see him measuring but most times, he simply throws a sprig of this and a dash of that.. Very annoying.. LOL…
    I’ve often asked “how do you know what to add?? I would never think of that unless a recipe called for it”
    Then you realise, this is what they do.. The eat, breathe and sleep food…

    • Jennifer

      They sure do! I always say our life revolves around food!

  2. Jessica I

    I do this. Sometimes. There is no actual recipe for my spaghetti sauce. My chef is mad because he can never make his as good as mine. I am not Italian, just make good sauce.

    The other thing I can do well is something his mom did and probably my grandma and great grandma: Look at what I have on hand and come up with something. Once, it was rice, cream of mushroom, steak, and some spices. It was delicious. Another, BBQ chicken salad. And then there was leftover thanksgiving dinner. That was amazing.

    • Jennifer

      Being able to look at what I have and come up with something to eat is tough. My husband is actually going to go through our fridge and cupboards tomorrow morning to help me meal plan. You’re lucky you can do that well!!

      So have any of your recipes or your spaghetti sauce ever made it onto one of his restaurant menus? 🙂

  3. Jessica I

    No. Sadly, I have always just eyeballed and dumped ingredients to make spaghetti sauce. I don’t know if I will ever measure out and be able to have a written recipe for it. Right now it would be a spice list with the instructions of “add stuff until tasty”. lol

    • Jennifer

      I love it. “Add stuff until tasty.” Haha!

  4. Jennifer

    I love it. “Add stuff until tasty.” Haha!

  5. Jessica I

    Oh, I guess I should mention that I do have some desserts on his menu. It isn’t my recipe, it is his family recipe, but I make it well.


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