How to Get the Smell Out of Chef Clothes (and Other Laundry)

I will never forget when my chef/husband was promoted from the pantry station to the broiler station.  Of course any promotion is exciting, but the reason I remember it might not be what you think.

(Oh, before I forget, If you’re new to my site, start here and then come back and read the rest of the post.)

Besides the new types of stains on his chef coats which were more difficult to remove (see tips on how to get stains out of chef coats here), the smell of his chef clothes changed DRASTICALLY!!  Ugh!  We lived in a small apartment and he had to leave the dirty chef clothes in the other room each night, or the smell permeated our bedroom!

Stop laughing at me.  I know you’ve had the same problem.  Chef clothes just stink!

For a while, a good wash took care of the smell.  But after a while, the chef pants, chef coats and even the aprons started to keep part of the oily, grimy, kitchen smell.  When that happens, you have to either try another method of cleaning them or have a bonfire in the backyard with them.

So after my successful quest to find the best way to clean white chef coats, I decided to tackle the smelly chef aprons that I could never seem to get the smell out of! (more…)

It’s Time for a Giveaway

Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway . . . everyone says I should have a giveaway on my blog.  But what in the world do you offer a group of chefs, their spouses or significant others and some of my AMAZING friends who just read my blog because they love me?

A cookbook or secret recipe? (Because we need another one of those like we need a hole in the head.)

A crock pot? (Because we all need MORE things in our kitchen)

A knife? (That might actually be OK, since many of our chefs keep their best knives at work.)

As I thought about those suggestions from others, none of them seemed like the perfect giveaway.

But you know what is? (more…)

Are You Really a Chef or is That Your Halloween Costume?

Tom Small Emulsified FamilyAs a chef, my husband is often asked questions when he’s in the grocery store during the work day with his chef coat on.  I guess if I was looking at an ingredient in the store and saw a chef walk up, I would probably ask a question too.

However, Halloween is a bit different.

“Excuse me.  Are you a really a chef or is that just your Halloween costume?”

No.  I just went to all the trouble to have a restaurant group logo and my name embroidered on a coat.  AND I chose to embroider Culinary Director instead of Chef.


That was apparently the question of the day as he was out and about running errands on Halloween.  He obviously didn’t respond that way, but it’s pretty funny if you think about it. (more…)

Do Chef’s Wear Pajamas to Work?

Tom Small Emulsified FamilyI just placed an order for some new chef pants for my husband and chuckled to myself as I remember a conversation between my chef/husband and one of our girls recently.

She was asking about the clothes he wears to work every day.

It started off with the question we all ask ourselves as we are washing chef coats!

“Why do chefs wear white chef coats when they are around food all the time?”

Brilliant!  I know!!  Even at only 9 years old she realizes this is not the greatest idea.  (Although I do understand why, it’s just annoying when you have to get stains out of them all the time.)

Then they moved on to talking about the chef pants.  (more…)

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