When the Chef Brings Home Samples . . .

I’ll have to admit, one perk I love about being married to a chef is the random samples we get to enjoy as a family.  You know what I’m talking about.

Your chef walks in the door late one night after work with a box full of samples – bread, steak, seafood, forks, knives, napkins . . .

The funny thing about samples, is that the chef only needs a bite or two to tell if he likes something and wants to use it in the restaurant.  And what do you do when you have 10 different steaks to try and get only one of each?  You can’t sell them in the restaurant, obviously.  So you cook them and try them (and depending on the job, you can do this at home so your family gets to enjoy the samples.)


So You Want to Own a Restaurant . . .

Has your chef ever thought about opening their own restaurant?

As I’m sitting here working on this post, my husband reads the title and immediately says, “No way!”

It’s definitely not for everyone.  But I know many chefs who would like to one day have their own place and many chef girlfriends and wives (or husbands and boyfriends) who wonder what it would really be like.

There are a few chef wives who have written books about opening a restaurant with their chefs.  You can read about Delancey and Wife of the Chef in a few posts I wrote last year after I read the books.

But today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Dhanny.  I met her through this blog and have LOVED getting to know her this past year!  She has such a great perspective on restaurant ownership and I’m thankful she’s willing to share her story with us today!

Dhanny and her chef/husband Joe own My Kitchen Restaurant in New York.  If you live near by or travel there, I’m sure they’d love for you to stop by. 🙂 (more…)

10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Every time I look at the calendar, I am amazed that we’re in a new year.  2014 just flew by for our family.

Somehow in the midst of the craziness I started blogging.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing and really wasn’t prepared for all the comments and emails I would get from so many people around the world that could relate to my life!

Today I thought I’d share my 5 most visited blog posts/pages from 2014 and also my 5 personal favorite posts.

Emulsified Family Top Posts of 2014Top 5 most visited posts/pages of 2014:

You’re Dating a Chef?  Please Read This! – Every month, this post is at the top of the list!  Dating a chef is not easy!

How to Clean a Chef Coat – Yep!  It’s a pain, but somebody has to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Being Married to a Chef – Just trying to dispel the crazy myths about being married to a chef.  (No, they do not cook for us every night!)

You Know Your Dad’s a Chef When . . . Part 2 – Our kindergartner wrote Modernist Cuisine on her homework and I tweeted about it.  Modernist Cuisine tweeted back and my site went crazy with visitors!  Woohoo!!

Stitch Fix – This has absolutely nothing to do with raising a family with a chef, but all about me falling in love with this company.  Who doesn’t love having great clothes show up in a box at your doorstep?  I tweeted about this page. Stitch Fix pinned in on Pinterest and people visited.  I doubt any of them were chef wives, but you never know. 🙂


My 5 favorite posts from 2014:

Letter to a Young Chef Wife – I loved putting together a list of things I wish I knew 19 years ago when my husband first started working in a professional kitchen.

The Hands of a Chef – I asked for pictures of chef’s hands on Facebook and received such a great response.  🙂 (more…)

Prepping Thanksgiving in a Restaurant

Preparing for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming.

It’s a big meal, full or recipes that we only make one time of year.

There’s pressure to have it all taste good (obviously) and to have it all warm and on the table at the same time.

Somehow, we all manage to pull it off and live to tell about it year after year.

But have you ever stopped to think about what it’s like at the restaurant your chef/husband or significant other is working at?

Sure they tell us how insane it is and we see them physically exhausted before and after.  But have you ever seen what the back of the restaurant looks like the days leading up to Thanksgiving?

It’s like nothing I could have ever imagined!

My husband’s restaurant will be serving 1,000 guests on Thanksgiving.


I can’t even being to fathom how you would do that.

Let’s look for a minute at what prepping Thanksgiving looks like in a restaurant . .. no fancy photography, just snapshots with my chef/husband’s phone.  I’ll only share a few since you probably don’t care about seeing all 15 of them. (more…)

Equality of Pay Between Front and Back of House

I read a lot of articles online about chefs, restaurants, being married to a chef, etc.  If they’re any good, I share them or pin them.  Today I came across one that just keeps popping back in my mind.

The article was titled, “Why You Should Start Tipping Chefs.”

I know that in some restaurants, chefs and line cooks get a portion of the tips each day.  My husband has never worked in a restaurant that has done that.  He has always been paid an hourly rate or salary.

What frustrates me, is the inequality of pay between a server and a line cook.  (Neither of which apply to my husband so this post is not about me saying I think my husband deserves more money.  Just clearing that up.)

It takes a very different skill set to be a server as it does to be a line cook.  I will not get into a debate about which is harder as I think different people are good at different things.  However, when a server walks out of the restaurant after working 6 hours making more money than my well paid Executive Chef husband who is on hour number 15 that day and still not ready to leave, does that seem right?   (more…)

supporting your chef

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