Are You Really a Chef or is That Your Halloween Costume?

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Tom Small Emulsified FamilyAs a chef, my husband is often asked questions when he’s in the grocery store during the work day with his chef coat on.  I guess if I was looking at an ingredient in the store and saw a chef walk up, I would probably ask a question too.

However, Halloween is a bit different.

“Excuse me.  Are you a really a chef or is that just your Halloween costume?”

No.  I just went to all the trouble to have a restaurant group logo and my name embroidered on a coat.  AND I chose to embroider Culinary Director instead of Chef.


That was apparently the question of the day as he was out and about running errands on Halloween.  He obviously didn’t respond that way, but it’s pretty funny if you think about it.

I’m not sure why I thought it was so funny, but I’m still laughing about it this morning!

In the evening, he decided not to go as a “chef” for trick or treating, but as a Dad in regular street clothes.  (He does own a few things other than chef pants and chef coats.)  I dressed up as a Mom in a cute Halloween t-shirt.  We go all out for this holiday as parents as you see!

Were any of your chefs asked a similar question, or were any of you in another profession that wears a uniform asked if it was a costume?

From one chef wife to another,





  1. susan small

    Haha so funny. Glad he could be home.

  2. Dhanny

    Bwahahaha!! sorry but I just thought your headline was hilarious.. Considering My Chef dressed as a Chef for Halloween.. Hugs!! This was a fun piece

    • Jennifer

      But your chef/husband put a wig on with his chef clothes – lol. I bet the kids loved that!


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