Do Chef’s Wear Pajamas to Work?

Tom Small Emulsified FamilyI just placed an order for some new chef pants for my husband and chuckled to myself as I remember a conversation between my chef/husband and one of our girls recently.

She was asking about the clothes he wears to work every day.

It started off with the question we all ask ourselves as we are washing chef coats!

“Why do chefs wear white chef coats when they are around food all the time?”

Brilliant!  I know!!  Even at only 9 years old she realizes this is not the greatest idea.  (Although I do understand why, it’s just annoying when you have to get stains out of them all the time.)

Then they moved on to talking about the chef pants.  (more…)

The Chef’s Wife and her Love for Chef Coats

I just love washing chef coats.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite part about having a chef for a husband.

(Obviously I’m kidding!)

I really don’t like it at all.  They are a pain to clean and stains stick to them like super glue!

Also, have you ever wondered why chef coats are white?  The other day I was actually thinking, “What brilliant person thought white would be a good idea for a chef coat??  Why in the world would you put a cloth buttons on a chef coat?”

So I did what everyone else does when they have a question.  I Googled it.

Turns out, there are actually a few good reasons.  Who knew?  (OK, maybe you did.  But I didn’t.) (more…)

The Glamorous . . . and not-so-Glamorous Life of a Chef and his Family

The other day I was thinking about how truly amazing and glamorous it is to be married to a chef… all those fabulous meals he prepares for us at home each night, the romantic date nights visiting local restaurants with friends, our children being exposed to so many different types of food that they happily eat anything we place before them, the wonderful recipes and cookbooks I have access to, never having to pay for a meal when we go out to eat, owning the top of the line cookware and kitchen appliances… the list could go on and on…

But I’ll stop there.

I’ll stop there because it’s not true. There might be some truth behind a few of those statements, but for the most part, for the majority of chefs and their families, they are pure fantasy.

I guess there is a part of me that understands this glamorous life of a chef that has somehow been portrayed to our society as truth. The fact that someone can create something so wonderful out of food, and do so for a large amount of people in a short period of time, is truly amazing. I get that. For some reason there just seems to be something glamorous, intriguing and mysterious about a man (or woman) in a chef coat. (more…)

H2O at Home Giveaway

I am so excited to be hosting my first giveaway on Emulsified Family!

If you’ve browsed around my blog at all, you’ve probably seen my page on How to Clean a Chef Coat.  If you haven’t, I would encourage you to take a peek.  Go ahead, I can wait.  🙂

In November I was introduced to the Netepur Bar from H2O at Home and once I found out how well it worked to clean chef coats, have been obsessed with it (and all their other products) ever since.

how to clean a chef coatBeing married to a chef, washing chef coats is just part of my daily routine.  Nothing ever seemed to really clean them well and my husband would have to buy new ones every few months, costing the restaurant money.  I googled “How to Clean a Chef Coat” so many times, trying to find a product that would actually work.

Then I found the Netepur Bar.

I’m not the type of person that tends to go on and on about things I love, but after washing so many chef coats and being frustrated for so many years, when I actually found something that worked, it’s kind of hard to keep my mouth shut about it. (more…)

I Might Never Buy Cleaning Supplies from the Store Again!

My quest to figure out how to clean a chef coat began many years ago.  I call it a quest, because I have searched high and low, used every search engine possible, to figure this out.  On this journey (which you can read more about here), I found the most amazing line of products that I’m totally obsessed with.

This discovery started with an invitation to a home party.  I usually decline these invitations, but hey, I clean something every day.  I figured I would check it out.    While I wouldn’t say I LOVE cleaning or laundry, I would definitely say I LOVE a clean house and clean clothes. (more…)