Take That You Dirty Chef Coat!


I hate washing chef coats!  Have I mentioned that before?

Instead of washing chef coats the other day, here’s what I did instead . . .

Cut up chef coats

Ready, set . . .

Cut up chef coats


Yep!  I took scissors to them.

Haha!  Take that you dirty chef coat that I hate washing.

Now don’t worry.  These chef coats I cut up were not my husband’s current coats.  They were old coats from previous restaurants.

For some reason, we have kept one coat from each restaurant my husband has ever worked at.  As you can imagine, they have a lovely, dirty oily smell to them, especially after sitting in a plastic tub for many years.

Let me back up for a second . . . last month, my chef/husband and I went on a major purging spree in the garage/attic and decided there was really no reason to keep all those chef coats.  He would obviously never wear them again, and all we really wanted (for some unknown reason) was his name, title and the restaurant logo.

So out came the scissors and I had SO MUCH FUN cutting up those coats!  Haha!  Who knew I would enjoy that so much!  It was like payback for the hundreds of hours I have spent getting stains out of them over the past 20 years.

I’m sure I sound like a totally crazy chef wife.  But seriously, you should try it some time and then you won’t think I’m crazy any more.  It’s so much fun!!

Now this leaves me with a question.

What do I do with the logos/embroidery from all the restaurants?

Cut up chef coats

Just a few from one tubs of chef coats. . .

I thought about making a quilt, but he would never use it.  it would just sit around and be another thing cluttering up our home.

Do you have any ideas?  What can I do with these (and more) logos/embroidery?  Please let me know in the comments below!

From one chef’s wife to another,


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