Random Thoughts for a Late Saturday Evening

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Things going through the mind of a 39 year old chef’s wife on a Saturday night . . .

  • It’s Saturday night and my husband is home (asleep on the couch across the room from me.)  Having him home on a Saturday makes me question what day it is as it rarely happens.  I just looked at the calendar.  Yes.  It’s Saturday.
  • Why is it raining on the last weekend of summer vacation?
  • School starts in 3 days.  I’m not ready to have my kids and husband on opposite schedules again.  I wonder if his new position at work will change his days off at all?
  • How is it that my chef/husband can fall asleep in the living room with the chaos of 3 children all around him?  Oh right, he worked about 60 hours in the past 4 days.
  • I wish it would stop raining.
  • It looks like we will be able to go to church as a family tomorrow morning.  I hope no one wakes up sick in the morning . . .
  • I turn 40 in 4 days.  How is that possible?
  • I wonder what I should make for breakfast tomorrow morning.
  • What will it be like to have all 3 girls in school for at least part of the day?  Will I cry when I put our youngest on the bus on Friday?
  • Why is it still raining . . . seriously?
  • I probably should try to wake my chef/husband up sometime soon and have him move into the bedroom to sleep.

On another less random note, I’m counting down the last few days in my 30’s and I’m talking about it constantly!!  Woohoo!!  I’m doing a giveaway on Wednesday, Septebmer 3rd, MY 40th BIRTHDAY, for my email subscribers.  If you are one of them, you might want to make sure you can find this post in your email inbox (it will be emailed at 3am pst on 8/31) to make sure I’m not ending up in your SPAM folder (or you might miss a chance to win something fun!)  If you are not one of them and would like to be, you can sign up below.

Well, that’s probably enough randomness for one night.  If you are still awake (or just getting up for my fellow chef wives on the other side of the globe), feel free to share a random thought in the comments below.  🙂

From one chef’s wife to another,





  1. Shelbey

    I was hoping to see a post from you this weekend! I’m having the chef’s-wife-over-a-holiday doldrums. Working all weekend. On a lighter note, he did go in late today, so he got to attend church with me for the first time in a while. Hang in there!!

    • Jennifer

      Holiday weekends are tough! Hope you find something fun to do! Our weather is gloomy right now so that’s not helping me here. . .

  2. Alisa

    My hubby falls asleep in the big brown chair all the time. I always debate whether I should wake him up when I go to bed or just leave him. Sometimes he is grumpy when I wake him up to go to bed. But it is nice for both of to go to bed at the same time occasionally.

    And we here in CA would gladly take your rain. We need it badly.


    • Jennifer

      Come February, let’s just plan to switch homes for a week and you can enjoy the constant rain and we can enjoy the mild winter. If I could send it your way, I would (at least some it. I do love how green it is up here!)


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