A Day in the Life of a Chef Wife – August 2014

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Every month on the 10th day, I grab my camera and capture my day with 10 pictures.

Today was not my typical day.  Why?  Because my husband was off!  Woohoo!!  We were able to spend the day together as a family and he’s actually in a few of the pictures this month!  AMAZING!!

Our morning started off a bit different.  We woke up and it was just my chef/husband and I in the house!  The girls spent the night at my aunt’s house so we could go out on a date last night.  (A Saturday night . . . that was strange . . . new job . . . hmmmm.)  So morning coffee in a quiet house.  How lovely!

morning coffee

Proof that my chef/husband was really off today – Cook’s Illustrated and his computer are out in the living room.

Cook's Illustrated

The girls just got home and wanted to show Aunt Patti their new clothes for the first day of school.

back to school outfit

10 days late, but since she was dressed up for church, I took our 5 year old’s picture.

5 year old

My chef/husband started packing for his first business trip as Culinary Director of Restaurant’s Unlimited.  He’s headed across the country to work with another restaurant for 3 days.  He needs new chef coats with his new title, don’t you think?  🙂

Packing for business trip

We went to church as a family this morning.  I loved holding the hand of our 6 year old and hearing her sing and looking over and seeing her other hand in the hand of my husband.  Going to church as a family is something I no longer take for granted.  My chef/husband has had to work a lot of Sundays this year.  🙁


Home from church and time to frost cupcakes to celebrate a certain 5 year old’s birthday with friends down at the lake. I’m not sure what’s being talked about in the picture, but I think my chef/husband is glad they are finally not on top of him or in the way as he’s trying to frost the cupcakes.

Frosting cupcakes

They wouldn’t even leave the room.  They had to watch EVERYTHING.  You would think they’ve never seen this being done before – LOL.

Frosting cupcakes 2

I hope you’re sitting down for this . . . a social function . . . and my chef/husband is there!!  Woohoo!!  He’s keeping an eye on our girls swimming down at the lake during the party while talking with my Aunt.


I can’t believe our youngest is 5!! Where has the time gone?  She starts kindergarten in 3 1/2 weeks!  Wow!!

birthday girl

After the party we were exhausted so we watched a movie and my husband headed off to the airport.  This whole traveling thing is new to us.  I’ll keep you posted . . .

From one chef wife to another,



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  1. Sara Arrigoni

    I love that your day seemed so relaxing and family-focused! What a blessing that Tom got to enjoy the Sunday with you. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      It was a great day and how nice that it fell on the 10th for pictures. 🙂

  2. Kristen Heaton

    I just came across your blog and LOVE this idea of 10 pictures on the 10th (amongst other things). My chef and I married (second marriages for both) in March- and we each have 3 kids from our previous marriages. He also owns the restaurant. 🙂 So now we are blending 2 familes with 6 kids, one restaurant and a full time job of my own. I have a degree in marketing and currently work as a graphic designer, so I now have a (basically) part time job with the restaurant as well. SO INSANE, but I love it. It’s been great working together and watching things “happen”.

    It helps knowing that other women deal with the same things that have been hard for me to adjust to. IN a way, being a single mom for 4 years I think prepared me for some of it, as I was used to attending events and things without my husband. But then, it also makes it harder on the marriage to be newlyweds and have so much stuff going on!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks. The idea is from a photographer friend of mine and I love it too.

      6 kids, 1 1/2 jobs AND married to a chef . . . you are busy!! Glad you are enjoying working with your husband and hope you are able to enjoy being married in the midst of being so busy! 🙂


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