Cooking for your Family and Friends on your Day Off


Depending on which chef or chef wife you ask, you’ll get a different answer to the question, “Does a chef cook at home?”

In our family, my husband does tend to cook some on his days off.  It’s usually the meal I’ve planned.  He just makes it taste better than I would.  Plus, if he’s just sitting there while I’m cooking, I think I make him nervous.  (The other day as I was cutting something and he asked, “Are you OK over there?”  I was fine, but apparently he was concerned for the safety of my fingers.  LOL!!  He got up and finished the cutting job.)

Yesterday was no different . . . well maybe just a little.  He had the day off of work and we celebrated my 40th birthday with family and friends (6 weeks late.)  Just a simple BBQ menu – BBQ pork sliders, coleslaw, beans, potato salad, cornbread and apple crisp with salted caramel ice cream.

To me, this looked like a ton of food (and of course we had enough to feed everyone there that night and then again tonight if they all were to come back.)  But my chef/husband’s comment to me was how easy it was compared to the quantity of food he helped prepare at work on Saturday.  

So while still exhausted from his week at work, he graciously cooked for our family and friends so we could celebrate and just enjoy spending time together.  I loved every minute of it!!  It’s always nice to be spoiled by your chef/husband!!

Tom and Jennifer

I managed to get one picture outside with my husband before the party started. It was a beautiful sunny day in the midst of a very rainy week!


My one job – the table and flowers. He did the rest. 🙂

Nothing like cooking on your day off!  At lest he got to wear regular clothes.  :-)

Nothing like cooking on your day off! At lest he got to wear regular clothes. 🙂


Time to eat!


Time with friends

So what about you?  Does your chef/husband cook on his days off?  What about for the occasional party or get together that you manage to squeeze in?  (It’s hard to get together with other people with the hours a chef works, isn’t it?)

From one chef wife to another,




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  1. dhanny

    Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hon…

    My Chef did all if not most of the cooking since we got together. I became the Sous Chef.
    A lot of it stemmed from the fact that he simply and truly LOVE to cook. I would pick up my camera as easily as he would pick up a pot (oooh great blog post idea for me hehe).. I don’t believe he thinks of it as work.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks. 🙂 Cooking at home is such a different environment and they are cooking in such a smaller quantity. The kids underfoot takes a bit getting used to though. Lots of helping hands around here!! I look forward to that blog post . . .

  2. Rups

    Happy Birthday – 6 weeks late! It looks like you had a great day with family and friends. My husband does all of the cooking at home – usually he does a few massive batches at the weekend and we eat it throughout the week (or freeze it into ready meals for later – he really can’t cook in smaller portions!) I used to cook early on in the marriage but he doesn’t really like my cooking and I don’t actually like cooking either. So it’s a happy balance for us.

    • Jennifer

      That sounds great! I love it when we cook a lot on his days off and then are able to enjoy it the rest of the week!! Cooking in small portions doesn’t happen very often here either. 🙂


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