The Hands of a Chef

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When was the last time you looked at the hands of your chef?

My chef/husband is at work as I’m writing this, but I can picture his hands in my head . . .

the hands of a chef

  • The few scars on them from working in the kitchen for so many years. (One large one that I remember vividly from a catering event he did for my work 15 years ago.)
  • His left hand without a wedding ring when he’s working, as he gets a big callous when he uses a knife a lot while he’s wearing it.  (This doesn’t bother me, in case you were wondering.)
  • The shiny appearance from being near the oven or stove on the line for an extended period of time.
  • Bandaged up with a bandaid or krazy glue, whatever worked better at the time.
  • Gentle enough to not crush delicate herbs.
  • Steady enough to plate small items intricately.
  • Holding a chef knife and cutting an onion so fast that my eyes don’t even have a chance to tear up.
  • Stained from working with beets when he was rushing and didn’t put gloves on.
  • Occasionally having a strange smell on them after work.
  • Seasoned to pick up a hot pan without a hot pad or towel.

His hands are a tool for his job as a chef.

Then I think about his hands as a father and husband . . .

  • Hands that gently caress my cheek.
  • A strong but gentle hand that reaches out to console one of our children
  • Hands that play the piano as we sing and dance around the play room.
  • The hand that first grabbed mine when I was 15 years old.
  • The hand that I placed a wedding ring on 19 1/2 years ago when I said , “I do.”
  • Hands that work hard, in an extreme environment, to provide for our family.

I guess you can say I am in love with and thankful for the hands of my chef/husband!

Below are the hands of our chefs: our spouses and significant others.

the hands of a chef 5

the hands of a chef 7

the hands of a chef 6

the hands of a chef 3

the hands of a chef 8

the hands of a chef 2

the hands of a chef 1

the hands of a chef 4

 What do the hands of a chef mean to you?

(Thank you to everyone on Facebook who sent in pictures of your hands or the hands of your chef!)

From one chef’s wife to another,




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