You Know Your Dad’s a Chef When . . . part 2

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. . . your list of “M” words for your kindergarten homework has “Modernist Cuisine” on it.

I don’t know about other parents, but I absolutely love kindergarten!! I could never teach it, but as a parent, I love it! It’s a year full of firsts. Every new thing learned is so exciting and it’s is so much fun to watch your child grow and change so much in this first year of school.

Kindergarten homework is pretty cute too. On top of all the reading, there’s activities that are silly and fun that enforce what they are working on in the classroom.

Draw a rainbow with the correct colors in order.

Jump from your bedroom to your parent’s room. Count how many jumps.

Practice tying your shoe 5 times.

Draw and label 5 things you can see in the sky.

Write 5 things that start with the letter M.

Modernist Cuisine

I wonder what cookbooks happened to be sitting near her as she was working on her homework?

The other day she was working on this list of M words in the other room. When she was done she brought it in to show me.

I love the list. I’m on it. She’s on it. I love kindergarten writing. It’s adorable.

Then I get to the cookbook title at the bottom of the page. “Modernist Cuisine”.

M is for Modernist CuisineThis conversation followed:

Me: What does that say?
Kindergartner: I don’t know. It’s one of Daddy’s cookbooks.  But it starts with an M so I wrote it down.
Me: It says, “Modernist Cuisine
Kindergartner: Oh. OK.
Me: (Smiling and trying not to laugh hysterically)

Clearly she is not as impressed with the books as my chef/husband and I are. I’m sure that will change one day. 🙂

Most days, I don’t really think of how my husband’s profession as a chef impacts our kids. But then something silly like a cookbook title sneaks onto our kindergartner’s homework and it brings a smile to both my face and my husband’s and I’m reminded that our kids are a part of this Emulsified Family as well. And just like us, they are trying to figure it out (even if they don’t realize it.)  I’m sure it’s not easy being the daughter of a chef.

So who else has had a funny thing happen with their kids that only happened because you are a chef or are married to one? Leave me a note in the comments below!

From one chef’s wife to another,




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  1. Mark

    I love it! My daughter is in kindergarten and she writes stories in phonetic language that always make me chuckle and smile. The other day she was riding in the back seat of the car and she asked me with certain convication : “Does each color of a rainbow have different taste or are they all the same? I bet they all taste different…”

    • Jennifer

      Of course they all taste different! I wonder what flavors she was thinking of. 🙂 So cute! Thanks for sharing that Mark!

  2. Truby

    I’m a chef as well, and my blog is But here is a link to what my incredible daughter is capable of when she gets her turn to run the kitchen and i step down to sous chef, or even prep cook.
    She amazed me with the gnocchi and mussels!
    Super cute post ya got there!

    • Jennifer

      You know Truby, as soon as I show our kids your blog, they are going to want to cook all weekend and have me take their pictures. 🙂 We’ve created cooking videos here at home, but never blog posts with pictures of all the steps. Sounds like a great rainy day activity as a family. I loved the pictures of her smile as she’s holding up what she’s made! Thanks for sharing!



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