How Much Do You Know About Food as the Wife or Significant Other of a Chef?

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How much to you know about food as the spouse or significant other of a chef?

After 19 years of being married to a chef, you would think I would be a culinary genius. 

We have tons of cookbooks and recipes.  I’ve tasted more food than the average person. Our lives seem to revolve around food.  Vacations always have something to do with food and where we are going to eat.  We plan the meal or snacks for our date nights before we plan the rest of the night (if there is anything else we are going to do).

So why is it that I still know so little?

how much do you know about food

I would like to blame it on my memory.

I recognize a lot of terms and can follow a conversation well.  But don’t ask me to define a term for you or tell you exactly what an ingredient is on a menu I’m not familiar with.  I will probably quietly send a text to my chef/husband and ask him before I answer you.

Maybe it’s because I do rely on him for answers.

Do I really need to remember what something is or how to make something, when I can just ask him and he’ll remind me?  (Yes, because 5:15 pm when I’m making dinner is a HORRIBLE time to call or text a chef with a question!!)

I saw this website floating around a few months ago and finally got around to looking at it and taking the silly quiz.  I scored a 40%.  AHHH!!  That’s horrible!!  I am embarrassed to admit that!  My chef/husband might disown me for that score.  (Just kidding!)

I love to eat and will try most things my husband asks me to taste.  19 years ago I couldn’t say that.  So while my food knowledge and cooking skills have grown from being married to a chef for 19 years, I guess I still need some work.  Maybe I should start reading cookbooks or watching some of the videos he’s made over the years.  Or I could just be content with the fact that I am not the chef.  He is.  And leave it at that.  I guess I’m not much of a foodie.  (Which, by the way, is a rather silly sounding word.)

Do you know more about food now than when your first met your chef?  Let me know in the comments below!

From one chef’s wife to another,




PS:  I admit that I still tend to pick out wine by how much I like the label.  Fortunately, I don’t pick it out often.  My chef/husband usually does.  Pathetic.  I know.

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