How an Immersion Circulator Changed our Thanksgiving

I don’t usually try to sell things to people.  (Well, except for the Instant Pot…because…well, I can’t live without it.)  But our Thanksgiving was so relaxing this year and it was due in part to the Immersion Circulator my chef/husband got for his birthday.

This is another example of a time I should have listened to my husband and bought something sooner.  Cooking/reheating Sous Vide is a GAME CHANGER!!  YES I’M YELLING AT YOU RIGHT NOW.  No, seriously.  On Thanksgiving, we had everything (including the mashed potates) made ahead of time and used the immersion circulator to heat it up.  Not only was everything perfectly reheated and not dried out, there was only 10 minutes of clean up/dishes after our huge meal.  10 MINUTES!!!!

I hate to brag, but it was truely amazing.  How long did you clean up for after Thanksgiving?  LOL.  Seriously.  Ask for this for Christmas!!

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Here’s me talking about it more if that paragraph above didn’t convice you that you need one yet…


While there are a lot of Immersion Circulators out on the market, the chef (AKA, my husband Tom) recommends the Joule, made by ChefSteps.  ChefSteps also has a great Sous Vide resource here!

I know some of you chef families already have one.  What do you think of it?  Are you in love with it as much as I am??  What have you used it for?  Let me know in the comments below.

From one chef wife to another,




  1. Vikki

    What kinds of bags do you store the food in and how do you get the air out?? I wanna see a video of that too! 🙂

    • Jennifer

      For Thanksgiving we just used a gallon Ziploc bag. I would recommend using a freezer one, as they are thicker. We just squeezed as much air out of it as we could before we sealed it and it worked well. Ideally, you would usee a vacuum sealer. We have a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, but it doesn’t work very well and the one my husband wants, is really expensive so we haven’t purchased it yet. You just need as much air out as possible so it doesn’t float.



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