A Day in the Life of a Chef’s Wife – June 2014

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Every month on the 10th day, I grab my camera and capture my day with 10 pictures.  

Today I’m linking up with a few photographers as we all share about our days.  After you read about my day, I’d love for you to click over to their site (without comparing my photography skills to theirs please!!!!)

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So here’s a glimpse of my day on June 10th in 10 pictures. . . a day in the life of a chef’s wife.  At a quick glance, you’ll notice my chef/husband is only in one picture.  This is a perfect example of life as a chef’s wife . . . he worked a VERY long day and I was home.

VBS planning

I got up around 5:30 am this morning while the house was still quiet and enjoyed my coffee and some time reading my Bible and praying (and working on my lesson for VBS).

banana muffins

I have been so lazy with breakfast lately, so this morning I made banana muffins and we sat around and talked as a family before my chef/husband headed out the door.  (It also gave me an excuse to use the cute cupcake stand I bought a few months ago.  Muffins always taste better when they are on a cute stand, right?)

chef leaving for work

My chef/husband headed out the door to go to the gym on the way to work.  He’s loaded down with a gym bag, laptop and chef clothes.  He was so happy that I was taking his picture.  I believe his words were, “You’re taking my picture again?”  This was around 8 am.  It’s now 10:25 pm and I haven’t heard from him all day.  🙁

salad in a jar

I took some time to prep a few salads for lunch today and later this week.

kitchen helper

Someone else needed to prep their lunch while I was prepping mine . . .

stitch fix

After lunch and the bus stop, we headed out shopping for a few minutes to find a new necklace to go with this great shirt I got in my Stitch Fix box.  Our 4 year old seems very excited, doesn’t she?

National Iced Tea Day

The 10th of June is National Iced Tea Day, so of course we had some tea this afternoon.  I made a few different kinds and after school the girls tried to guess which one was which.

stitch fix

Before dinner, a friend came over to check out the clothes I had received in my Stitch Fix Box.  If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a company that puts together a shipment of clothing based on a personal profile you set up on their site and on a Pinterest board.  I was very skeptical that someone could send 5 items of clothing in a box that would somehow fit my 6′ 1″ body, without even knowing me.  I was so surprised when the box arrived and everything fit and was amazing!!    Even the jeans in the picture fit perfectly!!  They definitely have my business and I have another box already ordered for the beginning of August.  (Thanks Laura for letting me have one of your photos from our little photo shoot this afternoon!  It was so much fun!!)

hershey cupcake

While chatting with my friend about clothes, our 9 year old and her friend made cupcakes (from scratch) without any help.  We love to let out kids help out in the kitchen.  Once school is out they’ll be helping out a lot more with meal planning and preparing the meals.  Our oldest REALLY wants to cook on her own.  Tonight was the first time I was not in the kitchen while she cooked.  They did have a few questions, but they did a great job following the recipe and they cupcakes turned out well.

kitchen disaster

And this is what the kitchen looked like after dinner and the cupcake creations by two 9 year old girls.  LOL!

So after helping my daughter clean up the mess in the kitchen, I’m sitting down writing and then heading off to bed.  It’s been a long day, I miss my chef/husband, but he’s off for the next 2 days and I look forward to spending time together as a family!

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  1. Sara Arrigoni

    What a productive day! And your photos came out great! I love the perspective on the salad picture, particularly!

    • Jennifer

      It was productive. I was exhausted at the end!! Pictures are better than last month, but I have so far to go!!

  2. Beth

    What a lovely day. Thank you for joining us for 10 on 10 this month, it was great to get a glimpse into your day!
    Sounds like you see your chef husband about as much as I see my farmer/manager husband (you may notice there are no pictures of my husband). 😉
    Oh, and any tips for prepping your salads ahead of time? I try to do this, but must be selecting the wrong additions, because it never holds up for more than a day, or so.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for including me. 🙂

      As far as salads, I try to use ingredients are not too moist. They only last a couple days for me as well once everything is combined. 🙂



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