Where Do You Eat When You Travel With a Chef?

I don’t know about you, but when we travel, we always ask a local resident working at the hotel or grocery store, where the best place to eat in town is.  We want to experience the food of the area we are visiting (and because my husband is a chef, we are a little picky about where to eat.)

While the internet is a great resource for finding local restaurants, it doesn’t tell you much about the quality of the food.  And we all know that reviews on Yelp or another site like it, don’t necessarily represent what the restaurant is ACTUALLY like.  This leaves us back to asking the locals where to eat.

Late last year, I found out about another option for dining out when traveling.  (more…)

I Want to Marry a Chef

Have you ever searched, married to a chef, on Twitter?

If you search #marriedtoachef, you’ll see all of us tweeting about our lives as chef wives.

But try searching, married to a chef, no hash tag, just the phrase.

It’s hysterical the number of people that say, “I want to marry a chef,” on Twitter because they think the chef would cook for them all the time!   

Here’s an example.

I want to marry a chef

The tweet in the middle is actually from a fellow chef wife (Hi Juliana!) writing about being married to a chef.  (You can see the post here.)

But look at the other two.  I have no idea who these women are.  I’m sure they are very nice and just want someone to cook for them.  I just think it’s funny and sad at the same time.  People just don’t get it! (more…)

We Got Invited Over for Dinner!


we got invited over for dinner

And my friend Christy is still alive to tell about it!


I joked in this post about how we never get invited over to people’s homes for dinner because people are scared to cook for my chef/husband.

But last month, it actually happened!  We went over to a friend’s house for dinner, AS A FAMILY!!  The last time this happened was . . . well, let’s just say it’s been a while.

It was such a fun evening.  The food was wonderful and our oldest daughter loved the soup so much, she asked me to get the recipe so we could have it again.  🙂

My friend seemed calm and relaxed the entire evening.

See?  It’s really not a big deal.

If you don’t believe me, here’s what my friend Christy had to say about the evening: (more…)

10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Every time I look at the calendar, I am amazed that we’re in a new year.  2014 just flew by for our family.

Somehow in the midst of the craziness I started blogging.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing and really wasn’t prepared for all the comments and emails I would get from so many people around the world that could relate to my life!

Today I thought I’d share my 5 most visited blog posts/pages from 2014 and also my 5 personal favorite posts.

Emulsified Family Top Posts of 2014Top 5 most visited posts/pages of 2014:

You’re Dating a Chef?  Please Read This! – Every month, this post is at the top of the list!  Dating a chef is not easy!

How to Clean a Chef Coat – Yep!  It’s a pain, but somebody has to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Being Married to a Chef – Just trying to dispel the crazy myths about being married to a chef.  (No, they do not cook for us every night!)

You Know Your Dad’s a Chef When . . . Part 2 – Our kindergartner wrote Modernist Cuisine on her homework and I tweeted about it.  Modernist Cuisine tweeted back and my site went crazy with visitors!  Woohoo!!

Stitch Fix – This has absolutely nothing to do with raising a family with a chef, but all about me falling in love with this company.  Who doesn’t love having great clothes show up in a box at your doorstep?  I tweeted about this page. Stitch Fix pinned in on Pinterest and people visited.  I doubt any of them were chef wives, but you never know. 🙂


My 5 favorite posts from 2014:

Letter to a Young Chef Wife – I loved putting together a list of things I wish I knew 19 years ago when my husband first started working in a professional kitchen.

The Hands of a Chef – I asked for pictures of chef’s hands on Facebook and received such a great response.  🙂 (more…)

A Day in the Life of a Chef Wife – December 2014

{This post contains affiliate links.}

Every month on the 10th day, I grab my camera and capture my day with 10 pictures.

Today started off early, getting up with my chef/husband and helping him pack for a 3 day business trip to work with one of his restaurants.  Packing for a chef is easy when all you have to worry about is chef pants and coats, underwear and socks.  Wish packing for myself was that easy when I went away!

He just LOVES it when I take pictures of him, so I chose not to this month.  You’re welcome honey!

So a day in the life a chef wife during the Christmas season . . . no time with the chef.  Are you surprised?  Nope.  But we are about halfway through the month!!  Only 19 days until January 2nd.  🙂

We said goodbye around 6:30 am as he left and I went back in the house to get my day started.

Breakfast?  Just kidding.  Just thought it was cute.

Breakfast? Just kidding. I just thought it was cute.