Do you Ever Feel Like You Are Living Separate Lives?

Why yes I do.  Thanks for asking.

Sometimes I feel like I have my life here at home with the girls and my husband has his life at work and then here at home.  The things we each do in a day are so different from each other.  Our two lives come together for a few minutes a day and then we go our separate ways.

The majority of the year he does get 2 days off a week.  During those weeks, he doesn’t seem like a stranger.  There is time to talk (even if it’s chaotic with kids running around), meals together as a family, etc.  However, there are times, like day 11 of a 14 day stretch with no days off.  This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it does.  I really miss him during those times.

11 long days of work in a row.  Has anyone seen my husband?  (Just kidding.)  Oh look, the restaurant just posted a picture of him on Twitter.  (Seriously, this has happened before and I laughed and said to myself, “Oh look, that’s what my husband is up to right now.” (more…)

When the Chef Brings Home Samples . . .

I’ll have to admit, one perk I love about being married to a chef is the random samples we get to enjoy as a family.  You know what I’m talking about.

Your chef walks in the door late one night after work with a box full of samples – bread, steak, seafood, forks, knives, napkins . . .

The funny thing about samples, is that the chef only needs a bite or two to tell if he likes something and wants to use it in the restaurant.  And what do you do when you have 10 different steaks to try and get only one of each?  You can’t sell them in the restaurant, obviously.  So you cook them and try them (and depending on the job, you can do this at home so your family gets to enjoy the samples.)


What is it like to be a Chef?

When I started this series about what it’s like to be married to or date a chef in a specific area of the kitchen, I had one of my readers, who is the chef in the relationship, ask if she could answer the questions.  Of course I said yes!!

So today, I’d like to introduce you to Chef Heather Turner.  You can find out more about her on her website or on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell me a little about yourself and your chef (how you met, how long you’ve been together, do you have kids, etc.)

I worked in professional kitchens since I was 13 (with a work permit), 20 years in the business with the last 8 as an executive chef. I met my husband about 3 years after I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. I was actually married at the time (to another chef) and we became friends. He was working as a salesperson for Dole & Bailey, a high end white tablecloth supplier. We’ve been together for about 18 years now, 11 years married. 2 step daughters who are totally awesome. I’ve been out of the business now for about 10+ years but still do restaurant consulting and still dream of being on a line cranking covers out. Oddly enough they are never dreams of running out of food during a rush but instead of the adrenaline junkie rush that one gets when you get into the groove of being super organized and on a roll. I always wake up from those thinking I really need to get back into the biz and then I kick myself. (more…)