I Told Myself I Would Never Be “THAT” Blog…

So the blog . . .

I hate it when I come across a blog I really love and find out they are not publishing posts any more. It makes me so sad because I just LOVE reading blogs of people I can relate to. I told myself I would never be “that” blog.   I would stick to it no matter what.

Never say never….cancer doesn’t understand that word…jobs change…life happens. Somehow in the midst of treatments, Dr. appointments and healing from the treatments, I did manage to publish 15 posts the past year but not 2 a week like I had planned.

I had HUGE plans for the blog when my kids were all in school full time last September. 3 days into the school year, our lives changed forever and my corporate chef/husband started working from home to care for me during chemo.  (That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!)


Chef Wives, You Are Not a Single Parent

I wrote the post below back in July, but never published it. Tonight I’m sitting on the bed, wishing my husband was home with us. It’s Cinco de Mayo – the busiest night of the year for his restaurants. We haven’t seen him all week and we miss him. I’m tired. The kids have been arguing while making Mother’s Day cards. (Really?????? I don’t want have to discipline for that!! Ugh!! I really wish he were here to deal with the Mother’s Day card arguing…)

Have you ever referred to yourself as a single parent because of your husband’s career as a chef?

They work a ton of hours.  They are gone the majority if not all of the hours the kids are awake. Because of this, the parenting on the days they work (and sometimes even on their days off) falls on us.

It’s hard.

I get it.

I’m living it.

There are many days our girls do not see my husband because he leaves before or just as they are getting up and gets home just after they are in bed. Having a 1 hour + commute on top of the long hours of a chef is tough. My husband would have to leave work at 5 pm (and then sit in the car for 2 hours because of traffic) to be home to see them for an hour before they go to bed (which is not their best time of day). The mornings, it’s the same. If he doesn’t leave before 6 am, the commute can be almost 2 hours long. There’s really no option for a change of hours, so we find way to work with the schedule the best we can.


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