Gift Ideas for a Chef

I don’t know about your chef, but when I ask my chef/husband for gift ideas for a holiday he usually doesn’t have many ideas, if any. He always says he doesn’t need anything and really doesn’t have time for much. But of course we still want to get him something. Unfortunately I usually draw a blank when it comes to gift ideas for him.

If you google, “Gifts for a Chef,” you’ll get a bunch of foodie gifts, most of which, chefs would think are rather stupid. Most of them don’t want kitchen “gadgets” as a gift.


When Your 4 Year Old Finds Your Chef’s Sharpie

Chefs and Sharpies…two words that go hand in hand.

Rarely will you find a chef without a Sharpie in their pocket, or at least near by.

I get it.  They label things all the time and ask us to do the same at home, right????

Leaving Sharpies around the house and car isn’t that big of a deal unless one goes through the wash and the cap falls off (UGH!!!) or unless you have small children!

Our kids (12, 8 and 7) think a black sharpie is just like a regular washable Crayola black marker.  I’m constantly scrubbing it off the table in our office and reminding them to please, JUST USE A REGULAR MARKER!



I Told Myself I Would Never Be “THAT” Blog…

So the blog . . .

I hate it when I come across a blog I really love and find out they are not publishing posts any more. It makes me so sad because I just LOVE reading blogs of people I can relate to. I told myself I would never be “that” blog.   I would stick to it no matter what.

Never say never….cancer doesn’t understand that word…jobs change…life happens. Somehow in the midst of treatments, Dr. appointments and healing from the treatments, I did manage to publish 15 posts the past year but not 2 a week like I had planned.

I had HUGE plans for the blog when my kids were all in school full time last September. 3 days into the school year, our lives changed forever and my corporate chef/husband started working from home to care for me during chemo.  (That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!)


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