A Day in the Life of a Chef’s Wife – July 2014

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Every month on the 10th day, I grab my camera and capture my day with 10 pictures.

My life as a chef’s wife is not glamorous, as you can see.  And yet again, my chef/husband is no where to be found in the pictures as he left the house at 6:30 am and got home at 11:30 pm.  Just a nice short day of work for him.  🙁

There are many days I feel guilty about the things I get to do while my chef/husband is at work ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!  This was one of those days.  While it was not perfect and there were times of frustration with the girls, I was able to relax and enjoy time with our kids and with friends.  I’ve mentioned this many times to my chef/husband . . . that I feel bad that he works so hard and I get to have fun with the girls, and his response is always the same – that he wouldn’t want it any other way.  What an amazing man I married!  (But I still feel bad!)

So with that being said, here are 10 pictures that capture our day on July 10th.

I started off the day by checking on some new flowers my daughter had recently planted.

20140710_085344 (500x375)

Our oldest playing Epic Mickey 2 on the Wii before breakfast

20140710_085608 (413x500)

We packed our lunch to eat down at the lake.  Our 6 year old thought it would be fun to stack the mason jars. AHHHHH!!

I’ve been trying really hard to not buy prepackaged snacks for us to eat this summer.  So this is what we took for lunch (along with a few other things.)

mason jars stacked

Over the summer I’ve been meeting with a small group of friends and going through the book of 1 Peter in the Bible.  We met down at the lake and the kids played on the grass and on the playground while we talked.  Not a bad view of God’s creation as we studied His word!

bible study at the lake

Our home away from home this summer – the lake in our community.  We are here A LOT!!  So after Bible study, we went swimming and had lunch.

home away from home

Still at the lake . . .

friends at the lake

Still at the lake . . . taking pictures of the kids jumping off the dock.

jumping in the lake

Finally home from the lake. . . the kids took showers and sat down to watch a show.  I took that opportunity to sneak a scoop of our homemade creme fraiche ice cream and relax on the back desk. SHHHH!!  Don’t tell!! (I am so in love with this ice cream.  I can’t believe there is still some left!!)

creme fraiche ice cream

Time to send a text and check in on my husband and wish him good luck on a tasting he was doing for work today.  (More on my adventures in canning from the previous day in another post.  Why do I plan big cooking projects when my husband is at work and in meetings all day?  Clearly I was not thinking straight on Tuesday!)

text message to a chef

We are having a heat wave . . . 83 degrees – lol . . . but without AC, we are warm.  So yes, I took a picture of the fan.  🙂

20140710_201026 (373x500)

a chef a wife and a child

The day ended with more time in front of the fan and sitting in front of the computer working on a new series for the blog – A Chef, a Wife and a Child.  Look for the first post in the series the evening of July 15th!  It’s going to be a great series!  you won’t want to miss it!  (So if you haven’t already signed up to receive my posts in your inbox, now would be a good time.)  🙂

From one chef’s wive to another,



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