Top 10 Posts from 2015

It’s just blows my mind that it’s the end of the year already!  It’s been a crazy year full of job changes and surgeries for the chef and of course everything that comes with those things around here at home!

As a blogger, it’s fun to look back at the posts I’ve written over the past year and see which ones were the most popular.  This post about dating a chef (from 2014) still brings the most traffic to my site, along with this one on how to clean a chef coat.

Top 10 posts

But for 2015 . . . drum roll please . . . below are the posts that you guys visited the most.

How to get the smell out of chef clothes – I’ve talked a lot about cleaning chef coats, but decided to experiment on how to get the nasty oily smell out of the coats, pants and aprons.

What I love about being married to a chef – The title is self explanatory, right?  🙂

When the Chef’s Wife has Cancer – I seriously HATE that I had to write this post.  But it’s life, so I can’t leave it out. 🙁

The one thing I wish I knew before raising a family with a chef – This is by far the hardest post I have ever written (or done a video of).  Being a parent is SO HARD and the stinky hours of a chef make it so much harder!!

Gift Ideas for a Chef –  . . . because we never know what to buy them, right?

Support Group for Chef Wives and Significant Others – I love this group of ladies (and 1 man) so much.  I am so thankful for the safe environment to share our joys and frustrations in.

These next 3 are not chef related, but  were fun to write about what I’ve learned as a blogger.

Supporting your chef from line cook to corporate chef – This e-book was a fun project for me this year.  It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it!

Happy New Year everyone!

From one chef’s wife to another,


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