I Might Never Buy Cleaning Supplies from the Store Again!


My quest to figure out how to clean a chef coat began many years ago.  I call it a quest, because I have searched high and low, used every search engine possible, to figure this out.  On this journey (which you can read more about here), I found the most amazing line of products that I’m totally obsessed with.

This discovery started with an invitation to a home party.  I usually decline these invitations, but hey, I clean something every day.  I figured I would check it out.    While I wouldn’t say I LOVE cleaning or laundry, I would definitely say I LOVE a clean house and clean clothes.

So one afternoon, I headed over to a friend’s house to check out the products from H2O at Home.  I knew nothing about the company or products before I went and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the demonstration.  I think it’s always a gamble when you buy something to see if the product will actually do what it is supposed to in your home, with your things.  But after listening to the consultant  and others who had used the products, I decided to buy a few and try them out.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee, so really, I didn’t have anything to lose.  I had quite a few cleaning products on my current shopping list so it was good timing.  In case you are still reading (thank you), below is what I purchased and how they’ve worked for us.

Netepur Bar

netepur bar H2O at homeThis is by far my favorite product and is saving me so much money!!  The thing I love about it, is that I know if the stain will be gone BEFORE I put it in the washing machine.  With all the other things I’ve used to remove stains in the past, you treat the stain, wash it and then have to remember to check to see if it’s gone before putting it in the dryer.  With this, I basically wash and scrub the stain in the sink, watch it disappear most or all of the way and then throw it in the wash. (Every few washes I throw in some oxy clean or bleach as well.)   I still check to make sure it’s gone but very rarely do I have to wash a chef coat or other item more than once.  NICE!!  I’ve been able to remove EXPO pen from clothing, red jello from the carpet (don’t ask) . . . it has also gotten stains out of our carpet that neither a carpet cleaner machine or Folex could remove.  $13 might sound like a lot for a bar of “soap”, but will end up saving us money in the long run on clothes, cloth napkins, dish towels and whatever else I can think of to use it on.

UPDATE: While I have not had success in getting out old stains in chef coats (only making them lighter and less noticeable), I have been able to get out stains that accidentally made in the washer and dryer unnoticed on a few of the girls’ shirts.  🙂  There have also been a few stains I have needed to use a bleach pen on, but not often.  Still by far the best product I have ever used!

Chiffonnettes (fancy word for rag)

I bought the heavy duty, multisurface and glass chiffonnettes.  The heavy duty one works great on soap scum in the shower  and tub, laminate floors, walls, the refrigerator  (just tried this today and my refrigerator has never looked so clean.  I can’t wait for Tom to see it!!) and inside the car – all cleaned with just the chiffonnette and water.  I use the multisurface one to dust and it works great on my swiffer to dust the floor.  My favorite is the glass chiffonette.  We have glass on top of our dining room and craft tables and it’s probably not the best idea to hand my 4 year old a bottle of Windex.  However, I can hand her this damp chiffonnette and she can clean the table without the risk or spraying herself or one of her sisters in the eye with Windex.  It is amazing and works better than Windex Crystal Rain!  It works great on mirrors and faucets too.  I need another one of these.

All In One Clay Kit

You know that nasty yellow greasy stuff that you get on the hood above your stove or for us on the outside of the microwave that sat near the stove?  I had finally given up on our microwave (even the magic eraser didn’t work on this stuff) and just left it looking gross.  Until now.  This clay took it all off and the microwave looks great!  I just saved myself the cost of a new microwave, because I was seriously considering buying one because I hated how bad ours looked.  The packing from the company also said it worked on granite counter tops.  We have (had) a stain on ours that was there when we moved in.  I have no idea what caused the stain and have tried multiple times to get rid of it, but have not had any success, until now.  I scrubbed at the stain for about 10 seconds and it’s gone.  I have no idea how it works, but it’s gone.  Hello beautiful counter top without a dark stain on it!!  UPDATE:  It also works great to clean off the caked on no-stick spray all over my Pyrex.

Cleaning and Exfoliating Cloth

The day of the party, I had face soap and toner on my shopping list.  When I saw this item and the idea you could just use water and the cloth to wash your face, I decided to give it a try since it was a little less than the cost of the 2 items on my list.  So since the end of November I have been using water and this cleaning and exfoliating cloth on my face to wash it at night and in the morning.  So far so good.  My face feels great and now I have 2 less things I will have to buy.  UPDATE:  I have found I needed to use a face soap occasionally when my face breaks out.  But still not every day, just occasionally.

Luxury Kitchen Towels

For most of our married life, we have used boring white flour sack or bar mop kitchen towels because of how my husband uses towels in the restaurant.  After trying so many of the H2O at Home products, I decided to give these a try.  Somehow they manage to still dry things when they are wet.  That’s a pretty nice feature.  I purchased these in black to try and hide the stains.  After 3 months, they have faded a little, but you can’t see the stains and they work so well!

Laundry Ball

I’ve been using the laundry ball for a few months now and it’s works great.  Most loads, I just throw the laundry ball in with the clothes and can skip laundry detergent all together!  The clothes do not have a scent on them like they did when I used fabric softener and detergent, but smell clean.  🙂


So all this to say, I might never buy cleaning supplies from the store again.  I am so happy with these products and can’t say enough great things about them!

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