So You Think You Want to Marry a Chef . . .

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“When I get married, I’m going to marry a chef because I can’t cook.”

“I want to marry a chef so they can cook for me every night.”

“My Mom just told me I better find a chef to marry or I might never eat when I move out.”

So you think you want to marry a chef

When I see someone tweet about wanting to marry a chef, I want to laugh, cry and sometimes even yell at this stranger who I see on my computer screen.  I’m sure they are very nice people and mean well, but thanks to the media, the majority of people really have no idea what it’s like to be married to a chef.

On TV, in magazines, in books and online, chefs are described as having a glamorous life, which is ridiculous.  Chefs are normal people just like you and me.  They just cook better.  Seriously. There’s nothing glamorous about working 16 hours a day for 23 days in a row.

Read the rest of the post over on The Huffington Post.

From one chef’s wife to another,




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  1. L.Chiasson

    This is a fantastic article! I’m marrying a cook in less than two months and you have perfectly described our relationship. It’s rare that we get a chance to eat together, and when we do, he usually isn’t cooking. As a teacher, I get home from work at about 3:30 or 4 most days, and my fiance leaves at 4:30 for work so most of my evenings are spent alone (or volunteering!).

    Nice to hear from others out there who understand!

    • Jennifer

      I used to stay in my classroom really late because I only had an empty home to come home too. It allowed me to be “super teacher” . . . doing extra things for the kids and school. That’s the main reason I don’t want to go back in the classroom now that my kids are all school aged. I would have to leave right at the end of the day and I have no idea how I would get it all done! 🙂

      Congrats on your upcoming marriage! 🙂


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