Help! We are Raising a Family AND my Husband is a Chef

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When I started this blog a few months back, I started scouring the internet to see what other Chefs’ wives or significant others were writing about their lives, with hopes of finding I was not alone.  The first blog I came across (because she took the domain name I wanted (just kidding Kerilyn)) was   It’s been so much fun chatting back and forth across the country with another chef’s wife!  Funny how we can live so far apart, never have met in person, but have so much in common immediately!

Today, I’m writing about raising a family with a chef over on  I’m so excited to have this chance to guest post on Kerilyn Russo’s blog!  I hope you’ll take a chance to hop over there and read the post, comment on it, and then take a few minutes to look around her blog.

Raising a family with a chef


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