Happy Day After Thanksgiving

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While many people are out shopping the Black Friday sales, we are staying in today to celebrate Thanksgiving as a family.

1,000 guests have been served.

Too much food has been eaten.

The piano has been played.


Executive Chef Tom Small playing the piano for our guests. Happy Thanksgiving!

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(Look at this video the restaurant posted on Instagram of my chef/husband playing the piano HIGH UP IN THE AIR on Thanksgiving!!  That is crazy!!)

Thanksgiving was a good day for all of us, but we were not together as a family.

Today is our day.

A day to celebrate how God has blessed our family, far beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

A day to decorate, nap, eat entirely too much food (again) and then nap some more (for my chef/husband, not us).

Whether you celebrated yesterday, today or another day, I hope you have (or had) a wonderful Thanksgiving.

(And as we get ready to move into the CRAZY Christmas season, I’ll be doing a series called The 12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family.  It starts on December 1st.  Make sure to sign up to receive my posts in your In Box so you don’t miss this!)

From our Emulsified Family to yours,




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