Do Chefs Get Vacation Time? – Part 2


I’m coming back to this question again, “Do chefs get vacation time?” as I think about our quick last minute getaway as a family last week.  Taking a vacation with your family when you are a chef is not easy.  You have to plan your time off around holidays, menu changes, events, restaurant openings, etc.  Then throw the traditional school calendar in to the mix and GOOD LUCK finding a time to get away.

In the past, we’ve taken the girls out of school for a day or two so we could get away as a family.  But this past week, their mid-winter break lined up with a good day for my chef/husband to take off.  So with that extra day and his normal 2 days off, we headed up to northern WA.  The forecast for our days away was sunny (which rarely happens up here in February) and we were able to get a few last minute hotel reservations.  It was an amazing time away and really good for our family to spend uninterrupted time together.

I won’t bore you with the details of the trip (but will of course share a few of my favorite pictures.)

do chefs get vacation time

Nothing like having a large animal stick their face in your car window (Althought I think by the time we took this picture we were tired of the animal slobber and had rolled the windows up. (Olympic Game Farm Park – Sequim, WA)

Do chefs get vacation time

La Push, WA – my favorite place in the entire state! We had a cabin on the beach. The views were AMAZING!

Do chefs get vacation time

Sometimes you need to go down to the beach in the pajamas.

Do chefs get vacation time

We got off the trail at one point on a hike. So here we are trying to find it again as we are climbing over large tree branches.

But let’s talk about the part of the trip that directly relates to being married to a chef.  

The food.

We found a few fun local places to eat at while traveling (including Bella Italia in Port Angeles which was really good).  But one day, we knew we would be in the Olympic National Park during lunch so we headed to the grocery store to pick up lunch.  The kids really wanted Lunchables (which I never buy because they are disgusting), so we let them buy those.  (Our oldest didn’t like hers and ended up eating our food or course!)  But my chef/husband grabbed the rest of the food . . . $50 later we left the store.  $50 for lunch (no drinks) from the grocery store?  Haha!

It was really good (as it should have been for the price).  Gourmet salami, brie, apricot spread, things from the olive bar, yummy wafer crackers . . . the money really doesn’t matter, but it just cracks me up!! (Refer to this post about sending a chef to the grocery store.)  🙂  We DEFINITELY eat better when he shops.  It just costs more!

Anyways, it was a wonderful time away, but now it’s back to reality with my husband back to work, the girls back to school and me doing laundry from being gone.  🙂

What do you do for food when are are traveling as a chef’s family?  Let me know in the comments below.

From one chef’s wife to another,




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