Sending a Chef to the Grocery Store


Sometimes you just need to send your husband to the grocery store.  Maybe it’s because your kids are sick and you can’t get out of the house.  Maybe you forgot something for dinner and need him to pick it up on the way home.   Whatever the case may be, sometimes it’s just necessary.

I will never forget a conversation I had with a friend about 15 years ago.  She was telling me how hard it was when her husband ran to the grocery store because he couldn’t find things and usually ended up getting the wrong item(s).

I have be to honest.  I couldn’t relate to her problem because I’m married to a chef.  My husband lives and breathes food every minute of the day.  If anything, he should be worried about me running to the store!

I recently came across this video on YouTube about this grocery store “problem”.  While I can’t relate, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!



sending a chef to the grocery store

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So while my friend was concerned about her husband grabbing the wrong items or not being able to find something, asking a chef to run to the store brings a whole other set of issues.

  • They will always buy their favorite name brand no matter what it costs.
  • Quality ALWAYS comes before cost.
  • Forget about asking them to use a coupon.  It’s not going to happen.
  • When they return home, they will have no idea the cost of the items they just bought OR they will complain about how expensive things were compared to what the restaurant pays.
  • Because they are used to buying in such large quantities, you might end up with gallons of things you only needed 1/4 cup of.
  • They will come home with a variety of apple you have never heard of and it will be so good you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.
  • Depending on what store they run to, they will express their disappointment with the quality of the produce.  It is never as good as what they see at work (at least if they are working at a fine dining restaurant).
  • Items not on the list will end up in the cart because they need to try them for a new menu item them are working on.
  • Good luck staying in your grocery budget.

The funniest thing about all of this to me is the cost of things.  I’ll ask him how much something was at the store and he’ll have no idea.  Yet I can ask him the cost of hundreds of ingredients in the restaurant and he knows them all (including the quantity, items per case, etc.)  It’s so funny!

So chef wives and significant others, what else comes to mind when you think about your chef running to the grocery store?  Let me know in the comments below!

From one chef’s wife to another,




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  1. Sheri

    Hi there! I just recently started following Emulsified Family through Pinterest and LOVE it. My husband and I have been married for 16 years and his career as a chef has been a part of our relationship since practically Day 1. “Does he cook at home?” (Yes) “Do you ever have to cook, or even know how?” (Dude. Two kids. Duh, yes. Mac n cheese is my speciality, they’re still learning to enjoy Daddy’s food). I’ve learned a lot from him and can make a pretty special dinner on a whim, too. On the topic of sending a chef to the store…I laughed out loud at just the title. Oh my goodness, there’s no one else that can understand that one better than a chef’s wife. He goes without a list, is gone for two hours, comes back with everything that struck his fancy, and I have no idea what do make with half of it. And I love it. I quietly transfer money from savings to cover the expense and ask “what’s for dinner?” 🙂 *Lately that’s been my response, but there was a time that we went head to head over grocery expenses, especially when it broke the bank.

    • Jennifer

      Haha Sheri, you crack me up! 2 hours at the store with out a list . . . lol! It does get expensive sometimes! We just talked yesterday about how we’ve been eating out too much because what I’ve been buying at the store hasn’t sounded good. We need to work on that!

    • Page Hayes

      This also made me laugh. I have been married to a Chef for less then a year.. we have been together 3 years. Not our first as we are both in our 50’s. He has been a chef for 30 years. Sending him to the grocery store is a last resort. He too will spend HOURS at the store and come home with all kinds of stuff not on the list and spend twice as much on items! He does cook on his days off but if I want to eat I also cook… haha.

      • Jennifer

        Oh no . . . hours? Lol!! At least what they bring home is yummy, right?

  2. Cat

    My favorite complaint is when we’re at the grocery store, one of our few family outings, as we do it together in Sunday’s, his “only” “day off” (pending holiday or restaurant but out for a party or otherwise), is an elder woman or mom will be struggling next to him on what brand or type of flour to buy and it then evolves into an epic conversation on bread and pastry and the like for over an hour. While I LOVE my husband, his talent and skill and all his knowledge. It would be divine to go to the grocery store and have him all to us…
    Also, visits to the meat counter or fish mongerer aren’t any shorter…LOL!!!

    • Jennifer

      Haha! So funny!! They can talk for a long time about food, can’t they??


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