Do Chefs Get Vacation Time? – Part 2

I’m coming back to this question again, “Do chefs get vacation time?” as I think about our quick last minute getaway as a family last week.  Taking a vacation with your family when you are a chef is not easy.  You have to plan your time off around holidays, menu changes, events, restaurant openings, etc.  Then throw the traditional school calendar in to the mix and GOOD LUCK finding a time to get away.

In the past, we’ve taken the girls out of school for a day or two so we could get away as a family.  But this past week, their mid-winter break lined up with a good day for my chef/husband to take off.  So with that extra day and his normal 2 days off, we headed up to northern WA.  The forecast for our days away was sunny (which rarely happens up here in February) and we were able to get a few last minute hotel reservations.  It was an amazing time away and really good for our family to spend uninterrupted time together.

I won’t bore you with the details of the trip (but will of course share a few of my favorite pictures.) (more…)

How to Have a Successful Career and be Married to a Chef – Part 4

As I continue to think about this topic of having a successful career and being married to a chef, I’ve come to realize that there are definitely some careers better suited for this than others (especially if you have kids.)

Here’s what one chef wife said on Facebook about one of my recent posts.

“I used to have a successful career.  Then I had kids and they were more important. Now I seem to have a career again, but one that fits with the kids being home.”

I love that!  So to conclude this series, I want to introduce you to Alyson, another chef wife whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know a little over the past few months.  She is the author of the comment above and has found a career that fits perfectly with her chef/husband and family.

What is this magical career, you ask?  It’s blogging.  Alyson is the author of World Family Travel Blog. (more…)

Where Do You Eat When You Travel With a Chef?

I don’t know about you, but when we travel, we always ask a local resident working at the hotel or grocery store, where the best place to eat in town is.  We want to experience the food of the area we are visiting (and because my husband is a chef, we are a little picky about where to eat.)

While the internet is a great resource for finding local restaurants, it doesn’t tell you much about the quality of the food.  And we all know that reviews on Yelp or another site like it, don’t necessarily represent what the restaurant is ACTUALLY like.  This leaves us back to asking the locals where to eat.

Late last year, I found out about another option for dining out when traveling.  (more…)

Do Chef’s Get Vacation Time?

Last week was mid-winter break for our kids AND my chef/husband took the week off!  I can’t even remember the last time that happened.  No email (OK tons of email, but email notifications turned off), only a few texts, 1 voice mail. . . I probably should go into the restaurant and corporate office and personally thank his staff for this.  🙂

So I guess the answer to the question “Do chef’s get vacation time?” is yes.

It’s not always easy to find a good time to take it.  For his restaurant, right between Valentine’s Day and the start of Dine Around Seattle was perfect.  It also happened to line up with mid-winter break for the girls!  Yeah!

So after reflecting on an amazing week as a family, here are 10 things that happened:

1.  We had so much fun together as a family!

I was a little nervous about what it would be like to have him home for a week, as there have been many times when things have been awkward, the kids have been strange toward him because they haven’t seen him much, etc. (More on this another time.)  But our week was AMAZING!!

do chef's get vacation time (more…)