The Stress of a Chef

This past week, my chef/husband has had the week off as he is moving to a different company.  This type of week off is very different than just taking a week off from the restaurant or restaurant group.

There are very few emails and texts.

No worrying about food cost.

No wondering if someone ordered the correct quantity of something for brunch on Sunday.

No one asking for help in a situation.

No blueprints to look at for future restaurant openings.

Nothing on the calendar in the near future.

It is truly a break. (more…)

Going on a Hot Date with a Chef

My chef/husband has been off for 4 days!!

Sorry.  I don’t mean to brag, but it doesn’t happen often.  So when it does, I feel like telling everyone!!

While two of the days we spent as a family, 2 of the days were also school days!

You know what that means?  We can go on a date without having to pay for a babysitter!  Woohoo!!

As soon as I knew he was taking a few extra days off, I sent him a text telling him to save Monday morning for me.  🙂

Now I bet you’re wondering just exactly what we did for this hot date.

I hope you’re sitting down.  It’s pretty great! (more…)

The Taste Buds of a Chef

Don’t you just love that you can ask your chef what ingredients are in a dish and they can tell you just by tasting it?

I love that when I mess up something that I’m cooking, he can taste it and fix it (most of the time. Sometimes there is just no hope and you have to start over.)

What’s even better is when you can describe how something tastes over the phone that is just not quite right, and they can tell you how to fix it without even tasting it.  That’s just crazy!

My chef/husband’s knowledge about food and his ability to taste individual ingredients in food just amaze me.  You would think that after 20 years I would be used to it, but sometimes he still surprises me.

His hyper-sensitive taste buds are definitely one of the perks of being married to or dating a chef! (more…)

The Struggles of a Chef Wife – Worrying About Their Health and Safety

If someone asked me what the hardest part about being married to a chef was, I would say worrying about their health and safety.

The amount of hours they work in a very harsh environment are so hard on their bodies.  I really struggle with worrying about my chef/husband’s health.  I know he’s an adult and can take care of himself, I just hate to see him in pain.  He will push through it and do whatever he need to do to get the job done well and provide for us.  I am grateful for that.  It’s just really hard to know he’s working in pain.

I loved this article which talks about an older chef and his need to move to a less physical role as a chef.  It’s true.  Not many people can work on the line for 40 years.  Sure, some do.  But I would bet they are in pain for much of the time.  I’m thankful my husband has recently moved into a role that is less physical labor and seems to be easier on his body.  (Although using a mouse and keyboard still cause pain in his elbow from repetitive cutting and other movements in the kitchen for many years.) I used to worry about how he’d be able to physically continue on in his career as he got older. (more…)

What Does a Chef Watch on TV?

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A few months ago I posted on Facebook that the movie Chef was streaming on Netflix.  The comments on the post surprised me.  Many of you began to comment not only about the movie, but also listed some your other favorite Chef and food related movies and TV shows.  So I asked a few more times and compiled this list of shows that chefs and their wives/significant others have enjoyed. (more…)