What is it Like to Date a Line Cook?

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If you are like me, (and I know you are), you think about the future of your chef’s career.  You wonder what the next position up in the kitchen is like, or wonder what their current position is like at another restaurant.

I always love reading about other chefs and their families.  But I’ve noticed that the chefs who do write (I have no idea how they have the time) and the chef wives that write, are usually Executive Chefs or higher.  So what’s it like to be married to or dating someone in a different position than that?

I’m so excited to bring you this series, written by chef/cook girlfriends and wives that will take us through each position in the kitchen as each one is so different.

I’ve asked these ladies each the same questions and I hope you will not only enjoy getting to know them, but also a little bit more about a specific position in the kitchen and what it looks like for us who support our chefs/cooks from home.

Today, we are starting off with the position of Line Cook. Chef Girlfriend Corissa Johnson is sharing with us today about what it’s like to date a line cook.  When you’re done reading, I know she’d love to hear any comments or thoughts on how you can relate!

What is it like to date a line cook

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Tell me a little about yourself and your chef (how you met, how long you’ve been together, do you have kids, etc.).

My name is Corissa 23 and my boyfriends name is Chris 25. Chris will be writing his Red Seal test at the end of this summer. Soon I can call him chef!!

Chris and I met in high school when I was 16 and he was 19. We knew of each other but never really hungout. He disappeared for a few years for travel and schooling. We remet at my old work (Wacky Wings) one night (Dec 28th 2014 to be exact haha.)   We started dating new years eve and been happy ever since.

I was living in our home town until two and a half months ago when we decided for me to move in with him in London Ontario, we have never been happier.

We currently have no children, but we want them in 5-6 years.

What position does your chef/cook have in the kitchen?  Briefly describe the size and type of restaurant he is working at (fine dining/casual, size, privately owned or part of a restaurant group, etc.).

My cook is considered first cook at his golf and country club. His restaurant is fine dining for sure. Half of the restaurant is walk in and other half is reservation only.  Reservation only gets the special treatment. A basic membership costs about 50,000 . That’s just to play on the course not including food or alcoholic beverages. Chris really enjoys his work place.

Do you work outside the home and if so, what do you do and what are your hours like?  If you stay home full-time, describe your responsibilities.

I’m currently unemployed until I finish my GED since I wanted to slack off when I was younger. Chris has told me he wants me to take care of that then find a job. Basically I clean the apartment laundry and any running around I can do without a vehicle.

From what your chef has told you or you have observed, what does he do in his current position and what is he responsible for?

My cook has a few positions he takes care of. Chris’s main position is pans. Sometimes he works the fryers. On occasion he will call out and plate the orders. He basically knows how to do everything in the kitchen.

What does a typical week and day look like for your chef (hours, days off, etc.)?

Maximum hours my cook does if 44 a week because he is not yet on salary.

He has been called in twice although I didn’t mind because the Saturday those weeks he gets to come home early because he will go into O.T.

How does your chef’s schedule fit with yours?  What is easy/difficult about that?

So far right now our schedules are great since I’m unemployed. He usually gets home at 11pm at the latest and I usually stay up til 2 am anyways with him.

Does your chef bring work home with him (phone calls, email, texts, menu planning, etc.)?

He rarely brings work home with him, (I know hard to believe) but out of the few months we have been together he had to bring home his menu once because they added a few items and took a few off.

What type of chef laundry do you have to deal with at this level?

My cook’s work has a company who cleans all their uniforms. Although he has to wash his own hat. Which he does by himself.

What is the hardest part about this position in the kitchen for you as a chef wife or girlfriend and what (if any) are the perks of this kitchen position (for him or for your family)?

I find the hardest part about my cook being in the kitchen is we miss out on a lot of invites and occasions . I’m perfectly content with missing out on most things because the real important ones he books off ahead of time. Plus where he works now he gets 3 weeks off for Christmas holidays so I have 3 weeks each year he works here to spend with him and travel. Basically everything else is a perk to me.

(This is Jennifer again . . .)

For those of you dating or married to a line cook, how can you relate?  For those of you who have been here in the past, any words or encouragement or advice?  I’d love to know in the comments below!

What is it like to be married to a chef

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From one chef’s wife to another,


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  1. Indigo

    Being with a line cook is hell. I have been with my man for over a year and his job gets in the way of our relationship and I don’t see it lasting. That is the reason why I come to the internet searching for stories of others who date cooks. I love my man, I really do, but I hate his job. He is 34 and works over 46 hours a week, more in the summer, for a salary of around $32k a year. He works late, and every Friday and Saturday night and holidays. He gets no paid time off. I am a 27 and work in a medical office. I do not work nights or weekends. I find myself missing him a lot and feeling let down. My man likes his job, and this is the only kind of work and life he knows. I just wish I saw him ever and don’t see much of a future for us with his schedule and low earning potential. This has caused me deep depression and I think it’s time to let my love go.

    • Jennifer

      I know it’s so hard!! 🙁

  2. Robs

    Hi! I came across your blog the other day, and I love it. My boyfriend is a qualified chef who is currently working as a line cook in a Mexican food franchise because he doesn’t speak the language perfectly. Oh, small detail: He’s Australian, and I’m Mexican (LOL), and we met and live together in Germany. Right now our schedules are opposite but we manage to see each other because I’m a Master’s student so I don’t work full-time. Nevertheless, I got the worst combination possible: a chef AND a GAMER. So, he gets home late (your usual 11 pm or later), we hang out and talk about our day, and I have to go to bed and he games until 6 am.

    So, I identify with SO MUCH in this blog. It’s hard to explain to my friends that no, my boyfriend on his 1-2 free days after 3 weeks of work, DOESN’T want to hang out on a double date. He just wants to game, chill, and sleep. My family and friends judge him a bit because they don’t know any better. It’s very very hard indeed!

    At least he’s taught me tons about cooking since we’ve started dating, LOL 😀

    • Jennifer

      It seems like a lot of chefs like to play video games when they are off. I think it must be a way for them to turn off their minds from thinking about work and is relaxing for them. 🙂

      And yes, I’ve learned a lot about cooking as well!


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