What a Chef and His Wife Think You Need in the Kitchen

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The post below is further proof of how differently my chef/husband and I think about food (or things related to food.)

Let me start of by mentioning my chef/husband’s view on food and the preparation of it . . Simple, Seasonal, Local.  Why put 20 ingredients in something if it would taste better with 4?  Why buy an onion chopper, if you have a good knife?

(This also answers the question as to why simpleseasonallocal is part of my website address.  My chef/husband has a website/blog.  It’s not updated as he has no time (big surprise), but maybe it will be one day.  I decided to attach my blog to his, just in case something ever becomes of it.)

Random tangent . . . Sorry.

But Simple, Seasonal, Local.  That applies to his cooking, his thinking, etc.  I guess I should have thought of that before asking him what 5 things he thought we needed in the kitchen at home.  His answers were not what I thought they would be, but now that I think about them, are perfect (and much more affordable than mine.)

what a chef needs in the kitchen 1


what a chef needs in the kitchen 2


what a chef needs in the kitchen 3


what a chef needs in the kitchen 4


what a chef needs in the kitchen 5

what a chef needs in the kitchen 6


what a chef needs in the kitchen 7


what a chef needs in the kitchen 8


what a chef needs in the kitchen 9


Here are some links to the things you really need (LOL).  Better start saving or hope the chef gets a raise soon, right?

 Bunn My Cafe  Instapot    Kitchen Aid   Vitamix

What about you?  Do you differ on what you think you “need” in the kitchen compared to your chef?  Compare your thoughts and let me know in the comments below!

From one chef’s wife to another,




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  1. Shannon Hall

    Haha I love this! I’m sure my husband would say the same things – if you ask him what things he can’t live without, a wooden spoon is on that list! Really? My list of must-haves in the kitchen would probably include a panini press, a microwave, and a baking sheet. You can tell how much cooking I do. 🙂

    • Jennifer

      A wooden spoon? We actually do not own one of those. Although we are planning to go through some tubs of kitchen things in the garage today. Maybe we’ll find one in there!!

      You can do a lot with a panini press, microwave and caking sheet. Sounds perfect!!


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