Meet Jennifer – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

Tonight, we’ve come to the end of the series, A Chef, a Wife and a Child.  Thank you for all the emails and comments as you’ve shared with me and my readers your joys and struggles about raising a family with a chef.

Tonight, it’s my turn to answer the 5 questions. . .

Emulsified FamilyTell me a little about yourself and your spouse.

My name is Jennifer and I’ve been married to my chef/husband for 19 years.  My husband started working in a professional kitchen about 6 months after we got married.  He is now an Executive Chef/Culinary Directory for a restaurant group in Seattle and I stay home full time with our girls.  I do a little website development and blogging from home as I have the time.

How many children do you have?


Meet Rups – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

I was originally thinking this week I would be sharing my answers to these questions and ending this series, but I had a last minute volunteer so how can I say no to that???

I’d like to introduce you to Rups.  She’s from India, but currently lives in the United Kingdom. (I love that technology can connect us from all over the world) and she’s sharing her answers to my 5 questions.  🙂  Yeah!

Tell me a little about yourself and your spouse.  (Please include how long you have been married and what your job is (in addition to being a wife and mom.))

My husband and I have been married for 8.5 years. We met online – we are both from India where arranged marriages are common, and since neither of us were too keen on the prospective spouses our parents had lined up, we both went online where we found each other. He was working in France at the time (having just finished his Master’s degree in Hospitality as a mature student). I was working in my home town of Delhi. After a year of online and phone courtship (and a fleeting week together in Delhi), we got married. During that year he moved to the UK – partly because work opportunities for me in France were nil and partly because it is very difficult to succeed as a chef in France if you are not French. I moved to the UK to be with him and we have been here ever since. I work full time in an IT company as a technical writer and he has held the position of Executive Chef in a series of hotels. (He’s a serial job hopper!). (more…)

Meet Andrea – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

A chef a wife and a childHaving a child with a chef . . . crazy . . . I know.  I’ve received so many emails throughout this series from so many chefwives saying how they can somehow relate to what one of us has shared.  Funny how you can instantly feel a bond with a total stranger because the circumstances in their life are so similar to yours.  I love how technology can help us connect and not feel so alone!!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another chefwife and Mom, Andrea.

Tell me a little about yourself and your spouse.

My husband and I met in college. We were best friends for 2 years before we started dating. We’ve been together for 10 years and married for 5. I work in accounting 40 hours per week at a university. My husband is a personal chef and cheese monger. (more…)

Meet Kim – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

Kim and familyContinuing on in our series about having a child with a chef, I’d like to introduce you to Kim.  Just a short time after starting my blog, Kim was the first chef wife I connected with and I’m so grateful she is willing to share her story with us tonight.  🙂

Tell me a little about yourself and your spouse. (Please include how long you have been married and what your job is (in addition to being a wife and mom.)

My name is Kim. I’m a stay at home mom in Annapolis, Maryland. Before children, I was an elementary general music and choral teacher. After I had our first child, I was the elementary coordinator for our church’s children’s ministry. I decided to stay home with my children once I had our second child. My husband Keith is the executive chef and GM of a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Annapolis called Factors Row. We will be married 7 years this December. We are both musicians (I sing and he plays keyboards/runs sound) and we met while playing with our church’s young adults worship team. (more…)

Meet Kerilyn – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

For my next guest in the series, a Chef, a Wife and a Child, I’d like you to meet Kerilyn Russo.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with her site  She and her husband have a new little one and I’m so happy she was willing to share with us about life as a mom AND being married to a chef.10178018_10154061716515375_1087330879124237005_n

Tell me a little about yourself and your spouse. (Please include how long you have been married and what your job is (in addition to being a wife and mom.)

Hi there! Thanks Jennifer for inviting me to share my thoughts here! My name is Kerilyn Russo. (Pronounced like two words Keri Lyn) I am an almost 40 yr old (and loving it!) Highly Sensitive New Years Eve baby, a chatty Cathy, fellow chef wife (married 5 years on 9/26 – See our wedding story here!) We have lived in the Washington D.C/VA area since 1999, until recently when we made a HUGE move South to Savannah, GA just a few months ago, in May 2014. *I went to Art School in Savannah and fell in love with the South!* I am the creator and resident life coach of Married to a Chef, like Jennifer, it is my mission to support our fellow significant others to remember that they are NOT alone! As a Life Coach, my clients are significant others who are ready to release the feelings of loneliness and resentment and ready to create the life of their dreams! I believe we all have what it takes to thrive in our restaurant relationships, it just takes some understanding and a willingness to do the work to make it work for us. (more…)