You Know Your Dad’s a Chef When . . . Part 3

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To all my children’s friends and their parents (current and future), please consider this a warning and an apology.

You know your Dad’s a chef when. . . you use dish towels to wipe up everything in the kitchen.

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I jokingly wrote a while back that I can hardly remember using cute dish towels since I’m married to a chef.  I gave up on them a long time ago since my husband uses them for EVERYTHING in the kitchen.  We use white flour sack dish towels because they are cheap and we can bleach them.  We go through a few each day (unless my chef/husband is home cooking and then we go through most of them in the drawer.)

I thought about this dish towel decision today as my 6 year old grabbed our white dish towel to wipe up a mess on the counter.

This is something we have trained our children to do.

The question is . . . is this going to be a problem in the future?

This is probably one thing I will have to apologize for to some friend’s parent in the future when she goes over to their house and helps cook. All 3 of our girls will automatically grab the cute dish towel and wipe up coffee, blackberry juice or whatever they need to and it will stain the towel.

They won’t even give it a second thought because it would never even occur to them to use something else.

Doesn’t everyone use their dish towels to wipe chocolate milk off the kitchen counter?

So to all my girls’ friend’s parents (current and future) please consider this a warning and an apology in advance for the stained dish towels you will have.

From the mother of a daughter of a chef,




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