When Your 4 Year Old Finds Your Chef’s Sharpie

Chefs and Sharpies…two words that go hand in hand.

Rarely will you find a chef without a Sharpie in their pocket, or at least near by.

I get it.  They label things all the time and ask us to do the same at home, right????

Leaving Sharpies around the house and car isn’t that big of a deal unless one goes through the wash and the cap falls off (UGH!!!) or unless you have small children!

Our kids (12, 8 and 7) think a black sharpie is just like a regular washable Crayola black marker.  I’m constantly scrubbing it off the table in our office and reminding them to please, JUST USE A REGULAR MARKER!


I received an email from a fellow chef wife the other day and laughed so hard because I could totally picture the scenario happening in our home when my kids were a little younger!  See if you can relate.

When Your 4 Year Old Finds Your Chef's Sharpie

“I took a nap with my newborn this afternoon while my 4 year old entertained herself in the living room.  Upon waking up I heard her in the bathroom running the faucet for what seemed like forever.  I asked what she was up to she said, “I’m washing my arm to get pen off.”  No big deal, I thought as I laid in bed.

When I got out of bed I realized it was black sharpie not a pen! MY CHEF/HUSBAND’S BOX OF BLACK SHARPIES …. can you relate?!

Do all us chef wives have black sharpies all over the house?!?! 😫”

I asked her if the Sharpie came off and a few days later she replied…

“The sharpie did come off.  Thanks for asking.
For future reference, lol, I filled the bath with blue dawn dish soap and created bubbles for my 4 year old to play with/soak it.
By the time bath time was done all the sharpie was off of her.  Thank goodness!
Can you imagine having to explain Sharpie on her body to her school teachers?!”
Hahaha!  I love this story so much…although if it had happened in our home, it would probably have taken a few years for me to laugh about it.

I know you all have a Sharpie story to tell.  Please tell us in the comments below!

From one chefwife to another,

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