What Activities Can We Do Together When My Chef is Exhausted From Work?

question markYou know how your chef comes home too exhausted to really do anything, but you want to spend time together?  What do you do besides sit around and stare at each other or the TV?

Earlier this week I received the following question from a reader on another blog post.

“What activities can we do that are not too exhausting for him, are not on a precise date, and can be done after 5 pm (his morning shift ends and I can afford to get off work)?”

Since our family lives in the land of constant rain, (AKA Seattle, WA), we are home A LOT!  We usually watch TV, play games, play Wii, sing while my husband plays the piano . . . nothing very exciting.

What advice would you give her? (I would like to know too!  I’m always looking for new ideas!)  Feel free to include ideas of things that could be done as a family and on days off as well!

From one chef’s wife to another,






  1. Alyson

    That scenario has never occurred, if he’s exhaused and home early I send him off to bed. But usually he gets in late and I don’t even see him. I tend to take the kids out for an hour if I know he needs some extra sleep on his day off, too. But mine will run 14Km home even after a double shift, so tired, unless it’s sleep deprivation, isn’t really a “thing” in our house.

    • Jennifer

      Nice! I can’t imagine running that far after a double! I bet he sleeps well after that!!

  2. Tracy Orrick

    If he comes home and can’t keep his eyes open we both go to bed.. Talk and listen to music on our phones. I don’t have the heart to ask him to go out. Sleep is precious to out chefs.

    • Jennifer

      So true! It’s amazing how fast they can fall asleep after work, isn’t it?


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