I Told Myself I Would Never Be “THAT” Blog…

So the blog . . .

I hate it when I come across a blog I really love and find out they are not publishing posts any more. It makes me so sad because I just LOVE reading blogs of people I can relate to. I told myself I would never be “that” blog.   I would stick to it no matter what.

Never say never….cancer doesn’t understand that word…jobs change…life happens. Somehow in the midst of treatments, Dr. appointments and healing from the treatments, I did manage to publish 15 posts the past year but not 2 a week like I had planned.

I had HUGE plans for the blog when my kids were all in school full time last September. 3 days into the school year, our lives changed forever and my corporate chef/husband started working from home to care for me during chemo.  (That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!)

Now I’m in cancer maintenance mode and my chef/husband is back to working in the office 5 days a week. 🙂  🙁  I miss him.

Because of all that, I’m in a bit of a blog dilemma.

The blog just sits here without me really doing anything and people still find it (thanks Google), email me, comment, join this group, etc. But I hate that it just sits here. There are no dates on the posts so first time visitors don’t know that I don’t publish often, but it drives me crazy.

So here’s my dilemma(s). First, my husband’s job has changed a lot. He doesn’t even have “chef” in his title (Chief Culinary and Operations Officer). Woohoo!!!!  It’s amazing and crazy all at once.  (There’s a blog post I guess!)  Much of the same craziness is still there and tons more stress, but he’s not in the kitchen every day.  He works Monday – Friday and is home on the weekends.  I’m not dealing with chef coats – instead we are clothes shopping for business casual attire.  It’s very strange.

Life is very different than it was a few years ago when I started writing.

I even look totally different.  Thanks cancer. 🙁

Emulsified Family Tom and Jennifer - Emulsified Family

I still LOVE connecting with others who are married to or dating a chef.  I can relate to what you all are saying, but I’m just not living it at the moment.  I feel like the Grandma who has been there and can relate, but is not there any more.  (And I’m only 42!!!)

That’s a strange feeling.

The blog title and branding still fits.  Emulsified Family – we are still trying to combine restaurant and family life, one day at a time.  Yay for picking that title a few years ago!!

But the blog…do I write about what I am currently going through as a restaurant group COO’s wife?  Do I write about what it was like when my husband was working every day in the kitchen?  Do I ask others to guest post?  Or maybe a combination of all 3?  Maybe I just focus on updating old posts and sharing them on Social Media, since I have so many new chefwife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/fiancé friends?

I have no idea.  I’m just not sure where to go from here.

But for now, I’m still here…supporting my Chef/COO husband from home.  I’m so thankful for how hard my husband works and for a job that provides for our family.

If you have any thoughts, PLEASE leave me a comment below or leave a note on social media.  I would love your input on what I should do.

From one chefwife to another,




  1. Sharon Scribner

    Your blog is still filled with encouraging words for others who are seeking to find companionship and coping skills. As someone who has gone through cancer and maintained your blog and family, you have a lot to offer. Maybe not as you planned but maybe as a means to encourage those who are going through changes too. Change is hard but not impossible. Adapting to life is essential, and as you write about your changes in life, you can share what you have learned and share what others have shared with you.
    There is nothing wrong with taking a break from the stress either. God bless…

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Sharon. 🙂

  2. jloh @chickenscrawlings

    I for one, also find so much wisdom and encouragement as a chef wife. I love how real all your posts are, and how your strength, creativity and generosity with your time comes through.

    Love and lights,

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Alyson

    Hi, you know plenty of people create blogs about things they really know not much about. It”s not meant to be a diary, just a resource, useful information for other chef partners. Do whatever pulls in pageviews and makes money. People are always asking me how and why I’m comfortable with sharing so much on our websites, simple, we don’t really share much at all, most of our posts are factual or heavily edited. It’s not our day to day life. Now off you go and blog!

  4. Sara

    I can’t believe I missed this post! I had no idea you were dealing with cancer. Very sorry to hear that.

    As a chef I often find a need to cook even though I’m exhausted, sick etc. It isn’t about the money but More about feeling like I’m letting our customers down.

    It seems you feel that way too about blogging. Don’t feel you need to write every week, or you have to respond to comments. It’s your life and the content of your posts that led me here. They were enjoyable even had they been written 25 years ago.

    Food for thought.


    Mark and Sara

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂


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