Why is My Phone Ringing During the Dinner Rush?

It’s 6:56 pm on Saturday night and my phone rings.

I usually love when my phone rings and it’s my husband calling. My cell phone shows my favorite picture of him and it brings a smile to my face. Usually this smile continues as I answer and talk to him. But not tonight.

Why is my phone ringing in the middle of the dinner rush? I know there are a crazy amount of reservations tonight at the restaurant!

Turns out the power is out at the restaurant and he is calling to ask me to look into it online and send him a text with the details.

Of course it’s at this moment that all 3 children go completely crazy and my calm and quiet home turns into a home full of kids screaming and crying. Lovely. (I seriously think there is something magical about both the phone and the car that make my kids go crazy . . . more about that another time though.) (more…)