Gift Ideas for a Chef

I don’t know about your chef, but when I ask my chef/husband for gift ideas for a holiday he usually doesn’t have many ideas, if any. He always says he doesn’t need anything and really doesn’t have time for much. But of course we still want to get him something. Unfortunately I usually draw a blank when it comes to gift ideas for him.

If you google, “Gifts for a Chef,” you’ll get a bunch of foodie gifts, most of which, chefs would think are rather stupid. Most of them don’t want kitchen “gadgets” as a gift.


Day 4: The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Chef (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine?”

Sometimes when I’m struggling, something will make me laugh and for that short moment, I feel a bit of relief.

So today, let’s just take a minute to laugh.  If you can’t think of anything funny at the moment, let me help.

I have no idea what to get my chef/husband for Christmas.  I have a few ideas, but none of them are amazing.

So I did the logical thing and googled “gift for a chef.”

Unfortunately, Google failed me and I still have no ideas.

Why in the world does everyone think a chef needs some sort of culinary item to do a job they can already do with one of their chef knives? Seriously? (more…)

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