Switching Roles with the Chef

Yesterday was a strange day.

It was a Saturday and my husband was home.

But that was not the strange part about it.

He took our daughter to a birthday party and I taught a cooking class.


What sort of parallell universe are we living in right now??  Who would want me to teach something about cooking??

This really should have been flip flopped.  I should have been doing the birthday party run and he should have been teaching the class.

I’ll be honest…I enjoyed the switch…but just for this short time.

So what is this classs I taught?  (Remember, I really don’t like cooking.  That’s why I married a chef, right?  Oh wait……)  I taught a class on pressure cooking using the Instant Pot.  It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it!  (And I even learned a few new things while prepping for it!)

It was definitely strange loading up everything in the car and then leaving, instead of helping my chef/husband load the car and then him leaving.  I think our kids thought it was a bit wierd as well.

Now our roles are back to normal, the way it should be.

This leaves me wondering…have you ever been asked to teach a cooking class or teach on something restaurant related?  Let me know in the comments below.

From one chef’s wife to another,


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