How to Have a Successful Career AND be Married to a Chef – Part 3

Today, as we continue on in our series talking about how to have a successful career AND be married to a chef (oh, and don’t forget about kids), I’d like to introduce you to Amity Howard Reiss.

Amity is a wife of 10 years and has been together for 19 with a successful Executive Chef. Chef Joel Reiss has worked for some of the most well known establishments and Chefs in NYC. He is currently the Executive Chef for the S Prime Steakhouse in Long Island City, Queens. She is a full time school psychologist for a Nassau County school district and slowly starting a part time photography business. They have two amazing little boys, 4 and 5 years old, and reside in Oceanside, NY.

I’m so thankful for Amity’s willingness to share her thoughts on this important topic that many of you have expressed interest in. 

A woman can do it all! That is how I truly feel. We can support our husbands in their career, honor our own path in our personal pursuits of interest and raise our children to be intelligent, compassionate and successful citizens. Now, how we manage to do this takes a strong path of conviction, not to mention a great amount of compromise and sacrifice at times.

How to have a successful career and be married to a chef? Let’s now add children to that equation? How to have a career, be married to a chef and raise a family…all successfully??

Let’s chuckle a little at that and be honest. It’s not an easy task and I would hardly admit that I am successful at any one area. Sometimes it feels like I am flying by the seat of my pants just near the precipice at all times. (more…)

How to Have a Successful Career and be Married to a Chef – Part 2

Today, I’d like to continue the discussion about having a career AND being married to a chef.

Last week, I shared my thoughts and experiences about this, but I totally left kids out of the equation, as I have never worked full time outside the home since we’ve had children.   However, I know many of you work full time outside the home AND are married to chef AND have kids.  So I decided to ask for some help on the topic. Today and next Monday, I’ve asked two of my fellow chef wives to share their thoughts and experiences about raising a family with a chef AND working full time.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you Nina Sargent.  Her chef/husband Eric is a chef at Blue Moon Cafe in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.  They have 2 boys. Here is her story . . .

Since the very beginning I’ve been a working mom while my husband has been a server then chef.  There were times when I supported the family because he was between jobs. We have two boys ages 8 and 5.  Each job that my husband has held has brought with it different demands and requirements. Some jobs required him to work 16 hour shifts 6 days a week and I was essentially a single mom.  Other jobs have him working dinner shifts, allowing him to be with us in the morning as we get ready.  Being a working mom and married to a chef is not easy.  Heck, being a working mom is not easy in and of itself. (more…)

How to Have a Successful Career AND be Married to a Chef – Part 1

On the blog, I spend a lot of time writing about our chefs and how their career impacts our lives and the lives of our family. I even wrote an entire ebook about supporting them. But what about us?  What about our career?  What about our dreams and desires? I know there are 2 of us in the relationship.  I haven’t forgotten about you!How to have a successful career and be married to a chef The other day, I received a comment on this post that really got me thinking.  As I read it, I began to think of everyone I have made connections with this past year and wondered if many of you were thinking the same thing this reader was. Here’s what she asked:

“Is it possible to be a working wife of chef? Someone’s got to give and I gave up my career when I moved, only to start something else that is taking off. How do you prioritize? What about your own feelings and your contributions too? I realize that the kinder and more patient I am, the more considerate he is. And when I’m a total grouch, all hell breaks loose. I know acceptance is key, and we all know managing a chef’s ego is a delicate issue. I still find it hard to accept the age old stereotype that the wife has always to be the one making sure all is in perfect order for the chef to come home to, because in all honesty – it’s pretty hard too working, running the household, and those with kids, it’s like triple shift work!”

So leaving kids out of the equation, let’s talk about that for a bit. Is it truly possible to have a successful career and be married to a chef (or dating one)? (more…)

Help I’m Pregnant and Married to a Chef – A Chef, a Wife and a Child

pregnant and married to a chefI’m excited to start a new series here on Emulsified Family called A Chef, A Wife and a Child.  During the series I’ll be sharing about our life with children, but have asked other chefs’ wives to share their stories as well.

I’ll be posting in this series every Tuesday evening through September.  If you haven’t already signed up to receive my posts via email, you can do so here and then come back and read the rest of the post.  I can wait.  🙂  Other blog posts on different topics will pop up here and there as well.

We all have different stories and different experiences about having a child with a chef.  If you have children, or are thinking about it in the future, I hope you will be able to relate to one or more of us as we share our lives with you.  I’ll also be talking a bit about miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and infertility as so many of us struggle with those issues as well.

To those chef families who do not have children yet, having a child is often an overwhelming thought because of the long and crazy hours a chef works.  And for those of us living it every day, there are ups and downs as we try and figure out how to combine restaurant and family life.  Then there are those with grown children who have lived to tell about it.  (Feel free to leave your advice in the comments!!)

So to start off the series, I thought we should start at the beginning. . . .

Help!  I’m pregnant and married to a chef! (more…)