HELP!! I Don’t Know What to Buy My Chef for Christmas!!


AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I have no idea what to get my chef for Christmas!!!!

gift ideas for a chefDon’t worry.  I have no idea either!  Very few of us do.

(My chef husband is asking for a peaceful and calm home and just wants to have fun as a family, no matter what we are doing.  I’m not sure how I’m going to wrap that up or pull it off, but I guess I’ll get working on it.)

I’ve compiled a list of ideas from many of you in this post over here that you can take a peek at.

i don't know what to buy my chef for christmas

If all else fails, wrap yourself in a bow and hire a babysitter to watch the kids somewhere else for the evening.  A quiet night alone would be a great gift.  🙂

Good luck to us all this holiday season as we try and stay busy and find the perfect gift for the chef who has no free time, no hobbies and is exhausted from working so many hours.  Well when you look at it like that, maybe they just need a new pillow and some comfy pjs. 🙂

From one chef’s wife to another,



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