Day 12 – Think About the Restaurant Customers (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

To conclude this series, today let’s think about all the customers that are going into the restaurants our chefs are working in.

For me, I picture a large fine dining restaurant, where people are dressed up, ready to meet family and friends to celebrate Christmas or just to enjoy a nice meal in the midst of all the hussle and bussle.

(Although I have to be honest.  I am at the point where I have to ask my husband what restaurant he’s going to be at each day, because of transitioning into a new position at work.  But for the holidays, I picture him at my favorite one!)

While I might be out and about doing things with the kids (because remember, I refuse to sit and home and be lonely and miserable this time of year), someone is enjoying my chef/husband’s cooking. (more…)

Day 11 – You Are Not Alone (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

At one point or another, we’ve all felt very alone being married to or dating a chef.  I say it all the time, but just in case you missed it . . . YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The whole reason I write this blog is to connect with other chef families and so that we don’t feel so alone. 

I remember when I told my chef/husband that I was thinking about starting this blog,  I had no idea there were already a few other brave chef wives who had done the same.

There are two other blogs I want to make sure you’ve heard about.  Neither of them are currently writing on the blog, but they are still full of great posts that might be helpful. (more…)

Day 10 – For the Chef’s Kids (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

Dear Girls,

12 days of encouragement for the chefs familyI know Christmas time is your favorite time of year.  I love to see your excitement as we drive down the street and see Christmas lights.  I love how you take the time to write a list of things you’d like to get your sisters and friends for Christmas.  I love talking with you each morning at the breakfast table during our morning devotions as we talk about the birth of Jesus. You are all growing up so fast and Daddy and I are so proud of you.

In the midst of all the excitement, I know there are also times of sadness.  You see me tear up when something reminds me of my Mom and rush to give me hugs.  We also miss Daddy a lot this time of year as work is so busy.  (Don’t forget he misses us too.)  I know we talk about it a lot, but I don’t want you to ever forget that he is working hard to provide for us.  (more…)

Day 9 – This is Just a Season (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

We are in the midst of the Christmas “Season.”

 12 days of encouragement for the chefs familySeason.

It’s just part of the year.

It’s not forever, even though it might feel like it when you are completely worn out and haven’t see your chef in what seems like an eternity!

We will see our chefs again soon.  Really, we will!

Think ahead to January which is “usually” much slower at the restaurant.

I don’t want to rush Christmas, but remember, this time of even crazier than normal chef hours is just for a season.

January 2nd is coming………  🙂

Hang in there.  I’m here with you. (more…)

Day 8 – Don’t Compare Your Family to Others (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

One of the things I’ve always struggled with being married to a chef, is not comparing our relationship or our family to others, especially to those who have a more traditional work schedule (home in the evenings and on weekends.)

12 days of encouragement for the chefs familyQuick tangent on that . . . is there really a job that is 9-5 (or somewhere close) any more?  Out of all my friends, I only have a handful whose husbands work a traditional schedule like that.  All the others are working one or more jobs with different hours, just like my chef/husband. (Although maybe not quite as many hours.)  OK, tangent over.

Comparing ourselves to others will only make us frustrated and upset.  Really.  What good is it going to do you?  Social media makes it so easy to see what everyone is doing all the time!  (more…)